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The Thelma & Hey Louise tour continues...

September 19 2002 at 10:39 AM
Tori(aka Thelma) & ToniB(aka Hey Louise) 
from IP address


EAST RUTHERFORD ROCKED LAST NITE!!! Best concert either of us has ever seen! There is no word to describe how unbelievable Neil and Diamondville were last nite. Toni was so bummed after Uniondale, cause the fans were such duds, she sulked all through the concerts. East Rutherford was a 360 degree flip on that and we blasted Neil cd's all the way back to the hotel. This was Neil & Diamondville at their ultimate best.

Neil was adorable in a steel blue shirt with lots more sparkles than ever and Toni flipped her lid...she had posted for Neil to please wear a blue shirt for one of our concert cities. So if Neil purposely did this for Toni...THANKS NEIL!

Everyone stood up for "America" and stood up again in all the right places. Before the show, we met up with AnnT and Lois again, then we met Scott Kelly, KathyP and Soma and Lois' husband. Toni wanted Lois's "Neil" watch and her husbands giant soft pretzel. No dice for either one.

Yesterday we mentioned the lady next to Tori coulda been Loretta Soprano because of her heavy New York accent, and tonite, after "America", Neil said he was happy to be in New Jersey, and then starts talkiing about "The Sopranos"!!! He said watching the show makes him hungry for Italian food, and he'd like to sit down and have Loretta cook him something!

The crowd was so fantastic! Toni was so cranked up! She wants everyone to practice rowing for "The Boat that I Row" number for the Albany concert so we can all row with the Cat Gut Girls for Neil. For Manchester, we all have to practice yelling "YEEEEE HAWWWW" for Neil when he sings Red Red Wine when he switches between the ballad style to the reggie style. THAT will surprise him!

Toni was beating Tori up during Cherry, Cherry saying "Look at Tommy Hensley, Look at Alan"!!! The band was dancing and the house was rocking.

For GYBAWS, Neil chose a blond...a little girl about 3 years old, dressed in hot pink sequined top which Neil told her he really liked(Gee I wonder why?). She wanted nothing to do with him, so Neil didn't get ANY kisses (but he stocked up with 4 girls at the Uniondale concert the night before), and Neil told the little girl that he had a little boy to introduce her to in a couple of years(Hey Neil is already trying to fix his grandsons up with women...a chip off the old block!).

There were great fans all around us--a couple beside us at their first ever show, their kids gave them the tickets as an anniversary gift - they LOVED the show. The two girls behind us were great...during "Sweet Caroline", Neil said he got the "GOOSIES"...'cause the crowd was soooooo gooood!. One of the girls behind us said "I'll give him the goosies!' Hey she was reading our minds!!! Tori told her to "get in line"...LOL!

Toni was ready to rush the stage by that point...'cause she thought she saw chest hair thru her binoculars!

Starflight sounded especially great...King looking gread in red, the Horn Dogs and Hadley in fantastic irridescent shirts. Toni was watching the band but Tori mostly just had eyes for Neil.

Neil performed his heart(or is that Hawt) out. IAIS, Cracklin' Rosie, and Brother Love(OMG...Rev. Bob, get Flame to lend you some of smelling salts 'cause you're gonna NEED them when Neil does these favorite songs of yours in Manchester)!

Neil looked fabulous(did we already say that?) and Toni thinks Neil should definitely wear "tight leather pants" for Flame in Albany on Saturday nite.


As for Thelma & Hey Louise, we went about 15 miles in the wrong direction trying to get to East Rutherford, New Jersey. We go lost driving twice again but we found Neil - "being lost is worth the coming home"!!!

At least Hey Louise let us get a bite to eat before Neil last night, so Thelma took FULL ADVANTAGE with the BIGGEST roast beef sandwich on the planet followed by...SUPER CAKE(this cake would satisfy the SUPER STUD!) - We are not exaggerating it was 7 layers high and Hey Louise asked for a ruler, 'cause it was at least 8" high! Thelma picked around about 4 bites(all chocolate) and then decided to get it wrapped up to go but the restaurant did not have any thing big enough to hold it, so we wrapped it in foil and put it in the fridge in our room...we are sure it will take the rest of this trip to eat half of it...although Thelma talks about it all the time, she has not given in to the temptation yet!

Hey Louise was SOOOOO concert-wired, when we stopped in the hotel restaurant to have breakfast after the show, there was a bunch of guys (there was a bar there too) singing "Beatles" songs. Hey Louise yelled over to them..."Hey can you sing Neil Diamond songs instead of Beatles songs"? One of the guys walked over to our table and we told him all about Neil and his concerts and our tour and the next thing we know, the guy is hitting on Thelma big time! This guy was 61(the right age, but Thelma said...he's not Neil so "screw it anyway" as Neil would say in "Talkin' Optimist Blues"! This nice guy told Thelma he was hoping to see her again soon...and Thelma said, "I'll bet his wife is hoping the same thing!"

Today we are driving into NYC...OMG...get ready with the bail money....have reservations for lunch at Tavern on the Green in Central Park...

HEY NEIL! Come join us for lunch...1 PM today!!!!

Then we are going to take a cab to see the Brill Building then getting the hell out before rush hour traffic.

That's it for a couple of days. SEE YA FROM ALBANY!

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