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what do you think?

September 18 2002 at 3:34 AM
from IP address

sorry to post this message, but i thought i needed to. as some of you are aware i am a life long neil fan.
i tried to meet with neil in london, my daughter is 6 years old and was desperate to see him. when she did not, she was in tears, he refused on several occasions to see her.

can i just ask, if neil really cares for his fans, what harm would it do, to shake the hand of a 6 year old, does anybody know?

you are welcome to email me on malcolmconlan@hotmail.com

i am still a fan and love his music

please reply

best wishes


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Walter (from Austria)

what a strange post

September 18 2002, 4:11 AM 

I just posed myself the question how it can be possible that a girl of only 6 years is desperate (!) to see Neil Diamond. And cries if "he refuses to see her"?

By the way, what a strange way to put it. "he refuses to see her" ??????
Perhaps you should not transfer your personal (!) desires and hopes on your - poor - daughter...

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People have used kids to get to Neil

September 18 2002, 6:23 PM 

While at one bus call recently a gal had her kid there. She pushed her way up front and was in front of a person who had been waiting for her first chance to see Neil. Even had a little gift for Neil. The kid was not a happy camper and they get tired of all this wait etc. Feb 23 someone had their kid on their lap hoping Neil would pick the kid for the kiss and girl you will be a woman soon bit. It did not work.
I work with kids, some people try to relive or make their kids do things that parents really want for themselves. EX ball players, cheerleading piano etc. Hey when a good friend of mine was hoping that my teen would get picked I said as a good mom what would he do to her??? IF IT HAD HAPPENED and as a good mom at her age I would want Neil to hold her hand at the most. I think he would respect that.

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Re: People have used kids to get to Neil

September 21 2002, 4:27 AM 

following your comments,I only wanted my daughter to shake neils hand as he is a legend and i wanted my daughter to have the chance to meet him, before it was too late, by the way, she enjoyed his concerts very much...

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Re: what a strange post

September 18 2002, 9:49 PM 

I just posed myself the question how it can be possible that a girl of only 6 years is desperate (!) to see Neil Diamond. And cries if "he refuses to see her"?

No kidding! My daughter thinks anyone in a sparkly shirt is Neil Diamond. LMAO... she probably wouldn't know him if she saw him on the street. And even the public figures she does know by sight really well... a little kid at that age isn't going to be phased by the celebrity thing unless it's instilled in them in some way.

My little girl and my two little cousins have met one public figure together before (not as famous as Neil ). They all knew who he was, but they smiled big and acted shy when he talked to them, NOT desperate or lovestruck, for cripes sake...

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Re: Re: what a strange post

September 21 2002, 4:24 AM 

I was very concerned by your responses, so I thought I would explain.

Firstly, My daughter knows the words to nearly every neil diamond song

Secondly, she spends most days asking to listen to his videos

Thirdly, if she is not watching his videos, she is listening to his cd'd

finally, I personally asked if my daughter could meet him for only a few seconds, this was declined

But you are probably right, I should not have posted this message, please accept my apologies

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Refuses to see her????

September 18 2002, 7:45 AM 

Was some kind of request made? I'm a little lost on that line too. 6 year olds can cry anytime they don't get what they want, even candy in the grocery store line.

My concern is that so many fans think celebrities "owe" them something. What Neil owes us is a great show, which is what we pay for. It's nice that he enjoys chatting with fans at times, but he certainly isn't obligated to do so. We are not his friends, we're his fans.

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Mary Ann

I couldn't agree with you more.

September 18 2002, 8:05 AM 

You said it better than I could. We all have to remember that we are not his friends, we are his fans. BIG DIFFERENCE.

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It might be good to manage your daughter's expectations

September 18 2002, 8:05 AM 

a little differently. I have a 7 year old who is a big fan, but she knows that the only thing Neil really owes us is a good concert and good music -- and we always get that.

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I don't think it was anything personal..........

September 18 2002, 8:24 AM 

I would assume that if he has any type of security, they would probably deny any request for anyone to personally meet him. If you have read this board and seen the pictures you would know that he goes out of his way to meet the fans. Were you at a bus call or something? I'm pretty sure he is not the kind of man to crush the dreams of a six year old.

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Re: I don't think it was anything personal..........

September 21 2002, 4:43 AM 

i was backstage at his concert in the hospitality tent with my daughter waiting for 2 hours to see him, then i was told to go away!!!

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The 6 year old !!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 18 2002, 9:26 AM 

I hardly see how a 6 year old would be Crushed if neil would not speak...I just don't get it. I think Mom needs to get a life and let her little girl be a little girl. Much too young to have hangups......

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simon uk

what Neil chooses

September 18 2002, 9:27 AM 

Malcom, Neil spends many months writing music for his fans, that is his way or reaching us all. He then spends many more months away from his own family including his Grandchildren whilst he tours the world. I remember him saying once in an interview that all his fans would like just a minute of his time to speak to him but if he did this there would be no time for anything else. Lets please remember Neil writes and tours with his music for us all and when he chooses stops to say hello with a big smile along the way.

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Meeting "stars" is not within everyone's reach

September 18 2002, 10:20 AM 

I would think it would be like that if your daughter liked ANY star. Whether it's N'Sync or Christina or KISS or Neil. There is no real reasoning behind the idea that being 6 years old means that she would be able to meet ANY star. Meeting a "star" is a dream that only a handful of people achieve. Sometimes people get lucky and meet him in a hotel lobby or at a bus call or accidentally in a restaurant. For every person who does that, there are thousands who have attended his shows that didn't. But those thousands aren't busted up or upset because they didn't "meet" Neil personally.

Disappointment, in this case, comes from unrealistic expectation. Since your daughter is only 6, maybe you should explain to her that everything she wants won't ALWAYS come to her. That way, when it does, she can appreciate a really special moment, instead of being upset because she expected it to happen but didn't. That's how life is.

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you needed to..

September 18 2002, 10:48 AM 

Take her to a lobby or bus call at Neil's hotel. He typically talks to the group of fans, even if for only a moment. If you don't kno where he is staying, you can also go stand by the bus that leaves the arena he played. I am sure he would have waved at he or said hi honey. Neil has many moods, and when he's rushed or tired he isn't as happy as other times. MOST of the time he's great! So many people want to talk to him personally, it would be to hard to acomodate all of us individually. Tell your little one to cheer up. I heard that Britney Spears REALLY ignored a group of young girls who waited all day in England to see her. She rushed past without a glance. Let your little one know that performers are very busy people(and a little stressed too).

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Sue UK

What were the circumstances?

September 18 2002, 12:36 PM 

It's not clear from your post whether this was at a bus/lobby call or whether you were wanting to gain access at some other time. If it was at a lobby call, when it's generally accepted that Neil is 'available' to whoever is there, I'd be very surprised, but in the latter case it wouldn't surprise me at all. In fact it's possible that your requests never got past security, either Diamondville's or the venue/hotel's.

Security and privacy issues have been discussed a number of times on this board, and IMHO a person is entitled to both whatever their 'celebrity' status. There's nothing I would have liked better than to get a word with him while he was here, but I knew it wasn't likely, so I wasn't exactly devastated when it didn't happen. Obviously I'd have gone to a lobby call like a shot given half a chance, but like many others I never found out where or when they were! I really don't know what I would have done if I had happened across him out and about somewhere, I think I would have been torn between grabbing the opportunity with both hands and thinking 'no, this isn't the time or the place'. (Yes, I know, this says more about me than about him - I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure! )

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Ginny G.

I agree...

September 18 2002, 2:07 PM 

I've heard lots of stories of children being at bus calls and Neil paying special attention to them. I doubt he'd have ignored a child standing right in front of him at a bus call.

On the other hand, there's probably a standing order that you don't just contact Neil (somehow) and say you want to meet him. I'm sure he gets thousands of those requests, and I doubt he even knows the details of those requests.

Interesting point about what you'd do if you met him elsewhere. I've often wondered what I would do if I happened to bump into him on a street corner. HAH. Probably stand there gaping at him. But I really don't think I'd approach him if he were at a restaurant. Street corner, maybe, if I could get my mouth to form syllables.

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Re: What were the circumstances?

September 21 2002, 4:45 AM 

his manager personally asked him and he declined, also i had a backstage pass and still did not meet neil even thogh i was promised that i could get a present for her by his manager!!!

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There was a cute little girl in Memphis

September 18 2002, 8:56 PM 

who just stood at the rail staring at the stage like she was hoping Neil would come back out and say something to her. She and her mom waited quite a while. The little girl appeared to be a cancer victim as she was totally bald. I wished she could have gotten her wish. I hope she enjoyed the show.

Before we left home to go to Memphis, I made sure my son knew there was a possibility the only time we would see the band was while they were performing on stage. He said he was ok with that, but I am happy that he got to fulfill a couple of his fantasies (especially since he had such a hard time making the decision to miss peforming at the governor's mansion). He is disappointed that I am leaving him home this weekend (but I expect that we will both make it to San Antonio--when do tickets go on sale?).

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Well if her expectations are as stuck in a cloud as yours are.....

September 18 2002, 9:33 PM 

... then I can see where it would be traumatic for a six-year-old not to get the meeting with Neil that she wanted (or expected ).

Here's an idea - take some time to conduct a reality check on yourself, and then get back to us about the six-year-old.

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