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Trumpeter Cougar OTB Speed Build

December 16 2011 at 12:05 PM

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Figured this would make a good Wiggum Weekender. Yeah, I know there are flaws with the kit, but I'm going for the 80% solution with this. I've been finding lately that my build process has become too involved for the limited bench time I have available, and as a result, my paint finishing skills have degraded.

So, if you haven't built a trumpeter kit released in the last few years, they have improved their fit and detail a fair bit.

I got this far after two hours. I would have pressed on, but I needed the hull halves to set up before sanding:
[linked image]

I've said before that the ride height looks wonky somehow, but when I compare to the Italeri kit + MLM wheels, it looks OK. Not sure what it is about the trump kit that makes me feel something's off.
[linked image]

The oversized grill flange got hit with a metal file. I don't think there is supposed to be any flange, but I did not want to risk nicking the louvered parts with the file.
[linked image]

Suitably busy front suspension. The only bits that do not fit are the drive axles, and that applies to all 6 stations. They wanted to give a negative camber to all the wheels. I just snipped em back. Sharp eyed modellers will not that this is the less common Front Wheel drive version of the Cougar
[linked image]

.015 strip shim to fill the gap in the coffin bin. Rest of the turret fit OK, but , sprue tabs in the middle of weld seams...Tamiya would not do it that way.
[linked image]

Hull seam not too shabby. The sanding process will probably obliterate the moulded on 'loops', already I sense that if they get sanded off, the OTB mantra will be challenged by some bent copper wire.
[linked image]


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