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RE: Leap to Where

October 26 2012 at 12:30 AM
todd miller  (no login)
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Response to 'Make the leap'?


I stand informed of MLM's current status. I was not aware, but respect your needs
of other commitments.
I have been collecting any info on both the SEV & MTVE, that I can get my hands on
since 2003. Jim Carswell was nice enough to post mail some material on the SEV in
2004. These 2 vehicles have been simmering on my "To Do" list since 2005. The only
parts of the build keeping me from starting was the turret and the Auger. Both of
which, are major parts of the vehicle. (As you're aware) Now, I thought that pursuing the knowledge of a Canadian was the best way to attempt this build., That's why I registered with this forum in 05'. (Go to the source).
I considered getting the turret from an APVS7 UGWS, but you & I both know, that
turret and the Grizzly turret are similar but not the same. Teleport to 2011 with
the manufacture of Trumpeter's Grizzly. I'm thinking great.... one problem solved,
bear in mind, I don't have one in my possession yet. I take from your comments it's not too good? And I'm willing to bet it doesn't have the crew basket either.
Well I can overcome that shortfall if needed, but it still leaves the Auger issue.
This is what I've been thinking, to clear that hurdle. I'm asking your input and model skill here. Use a steel concrete mason screw, close to the diameter of the
finished auger in scale, turn said screw on a lathe, with the tool bed in free float, to follow the thread pitch of the screw. Turn it down till the center axis is
the diameter of the auger's shaft. Now I'm hoping, after doing this, the material
removed will leave the auger discs and center shaft once complete. Does that make
sense? The other option I considered was finding a scale diecast bobcat or other
type equipment with an Auger attachment already installed. No search luck so far!!!!

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