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2009 & 2010 Modern Canadian Modelling

December 31 2009 at 2:23 AM
  (Login jasonbobro)
from IP address

So quite a year for modern Canadian vehicle modelling...and more to come in 2010.

What are your highlights of modern Canadian vehicle modelling in 2009 and what are you realistically looking forward to in 2010? This can be related to personal projects & goals or to the modelling industry.

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Graeme Davidson
(Login gcdavidson)

2010: A Model Odyssey

December 31 2009, 3:05 AM 

From the industry:
Bison, Leopard bits that plow and roll, new tool M4A3E8 (Tasca?), Centurion ARV, new tool M-113

Personal projects (jeez, this is going to sound like a new years resolution):
1. Finish work (aka "start work") on my model room
2. Complete 4 kits before this time next year
3. Make a 2 part mold
4. Paint 1 figure
5. Scratch build 1 tire/wheel


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(Login bulivyf)

My news for new year 2010

December 31 2009, 7:15 AM 

1. E-LAV III conversion set
2. LAV III LORIT conversion set
3. CDN Leopard 2A6M w/small slat conversion set
4. Bison conversion set
5. TLAVs conversion sets
6. M113 SLAT
7. Detail set for Leopard C1 and C2

Happy New Year 2010

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Ian Smith
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December 31 2009, 8:28 AM 

Hey Miloslav,
please, please,PLEASE. how about an MLVW tire set? Please?

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(Login bulivyf)


December 31 2009, 10:07 AM 

I plan full conversion MLVW.

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(Login gcdavidson)


December 31 2009, 1:46 PM 

Now I can remove "scratch build wheel & tire" from my list! 2010 hasn't even started yet and I've already 'accomplished' something.

Really liking your releases for 2010 Miloslav.


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Ian Smith
(no login)


January 1 2010, 10:04 AM 

maybe an artillery SEV? as an option.

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(Login c2jerrett)

Re: 2010

December 31 2009, 9:25 AM 

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(no login)

the way you build............................

December 31 2009, 3:33 PM 

design and develop kits so fast that covers January Milo, What are you planning for February ??
LOL happy.gif
Thanks for all the great Canadian kits, and more to come.............
Happy New Year


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Pete Hickey
(no login)

2010 mantra "Must finish started projects...must finish.."

December 31 2009, 10:16 AM 

...I have about 5 projects that need to be finished up for this year but with the Olympics coming to town...and me having to pull some 7 day a week (think of the banked OT!)shifts, I'm not to sure how much will actually get done, but here are my hopes just for laughs...

1) M109 A3 - Interior /exterior build finished, need to create art for all the stenciling and placards inside...
2) C2 - scratched interior done, buggered up the turret so I'll need to a redo..rrrr, need art for stenciling and signage for the interior...
3) Iltus - built up as a UN vehicle, unhappy with the result, will be changing over to a Recce version
4) LAV III - may have found a donor kit and will be looking to create a scratched interior....
5) Centurion Mk11 L/R..assembling the bits to start..

Actually not nearly as much as I thought but wether I'll actually have the time????

All the Best for an excellent New Year,


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(Premier Login MapleLeafModels)
Forum Owner

Reopening MLM / Some personal modelling

December 31 2009, 11:49 AM 

2009 Accomplishments:

1. 98% finished a Willys Jeep as Canadian in Korea
2. 70% finished a C1A1 MEXAS (KFOR)
3. Started lots of model projects, both personal and for MLM
4. Bought a brand new house, moved, and have been working on landscaping, deck, basement, etc, etc, whenever I've had the time
5. Took on a new position at work, and travel alot.

2010 Goals:

1. Finish model workshop
2. Reopen MLM
3. Actually finish a model for myself
4. Increase personal modelling time and output
5. Return to old position at work, less travel, more time at home
6. Rebuild my basement Irish pub
7. Continue to enjoy life.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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(no login)

New Year "Resinlutions"

December 31 2009, 11:55 AM 

I think 2009 has been an excellent year for modern Canadian modellers...between excellent projects and conversions and WOTIF builds. It has put the spotlight on modern Canadian AFVs and Canadian modellers.

In 2010 we will actually see production injection moulded 1/35 modern Canadian AFV kits....Joy to the World! Regardless of their accuracy....we will finally be on the map.

With the additional conversions planned by Miloslav and the summer opening of MLM we will be set again.

For me...a very busy 2009 led to the start of a lone Centurion project. 2010 will hold much better with several projects ready to launch including finishing my late version Canadian Centurion Mk.11LR....and some Leopard projects that screaming to be done (not all Canadian Leopards).

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(no login)

2010 resolutions

January 1 2010, 12:13 PM 

1. Complete renovations of workshop and Trackjam store. (80%complete)
2. Complete 1/16 scale Leopard C2 Mexas.
3. Work on reissuing the Leopard C1 early. Decals for both early and late version
4. Complete Leopard dozer kit.
5. Complete Leopard 1 TWMP kit.
6. Posting back to the Army! Probably LFCA HQ.

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(Login jasonbobro)

Leopard Ancillary Equipment

January 1 2010, 6:35 PM 

Oooh, excellent to hear about the TWMP and the dozer blade.

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