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3:15 and bored to death......

by Pam (no login)

This may bore you all, too, but last night as I was at game night at our club house I actually encountered a person who is definately a hazard to my health and well being. Now most of the snowbirds in our RV park have returned for the winter and our activities calender is in full swing. On Sat and Sun we have game night, various games are going on at different tables and Bob and a dozen other guys play pool. I play a game called hand and foot, it's a card game. There are six at a table with three partners on each team. We usually have about thirty people playing. So we draw cards for who sits at what table. A good friend of mine and I both drew a jack, we haven't been at the same table for weeks, we were pretty excited. Then..... we find out that a lady named Mercy (I so totally understand why her mother named her that) was also our partner. I'm not saying this to be mean or unsympathetic, we all understand how important tolerance is for those of us with disorders, but.....she totally put me into an unsafe environment, to say the least embarrassing. She is about in her mid fifties. She is friendly and outgoing, too outgoing. I know she must have some sort of a problem, maybe neurological or psychological or both!! My guess would be adult ADHD! Everytime we layed down cards, she was up out of her chair going over to Sally and I for high fives. This caught me off guard and my head hit the table like a ton of bricks. Then Sally started to laugh, because I was, according to her "speaking in a foreign language" (slurred speach). Everyone at our table was laughing at every turn, when she opened her mouth. She is very funny and very direct, but she is one of those that doesn't understand that laughing at her is not the same as laughing with her. I had a dozen C attacks in two and a half hours. This totally fatigues me and things just get worse from there. When I went to bed I had HH, sleep paralysis immediately. When my alarm went off at 6 am for excercise, which wakes up Bob and he has to wake me up (I don't here alarms). Bob was unable to wake me, said he had to feel my chest to see if I was breathing. He gave up and went back to sleep for a couple hours. Then woke me up at 8 am. I missed exercise that morning. My day today was one of fatigue and brain fog. Didn't do anything at all, but walk my dog a couple of times and now a night of fragmented sleep. Needless to say I passed on game night last night. Now I'm debating weather to go to game night ever again and take a chance that she is at my table. I just don't think that telling her about me and my narcolepsy is going to sink in her brain. She is much to spontaneous and speaks without thinking. I have been doing pretty good, getting involved in things I normally would not because of my disorder and then it never fails you get someone that just screws things up for you. Getting very sleepy again so off to bed for a few more hours. Thanks to all for listening to me rant.

Posted on Nov 23, 2009, 2:54 AM
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