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by Michelle (no login)


yeah, i knew i had some kind of sleep disorder but the hallucination were what really made me put my money on narcolepsy. for me they happen mostly when i'm falling asleep and waking up, though i have had some where i was fully awake (at least i think i was fully awake). and yeah i do sleepwalk. that started when i was in middle school and i thought it was just normal hormonal changes and what not. from the times that i woke up/ someone saw me, the sleepwalking ended in high school but i still do weird stuff in my sleep. i had a roommate freshman year of college and she would report me sitting up and trying to hold a conversation in my sleep. i've done stuff like made my bed or messed with my alarm clock (often turning it off) and not remembered it at all. when i spend the night at one of my friends places they still report that i do that so i'm assuming that it's rather frequent. and i cannot tell you how many times i've turned off my alarm clock without waking up! (i usually use 2 or 3 alarm clocks)

Posted on Jul 19, 2010, 10:14 AM
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