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Alarm Clocks

by pat littlejohn (Login patlittlejohn)



Alarms are NO problem turning off without actually waking up. I realize now, I used to (and still do) think about what needed to be done by waking up on time. I would get a medium to extreme rush of anxiety and adrenaline, while setting the alarm, sometimes nearly a panic attack. Then I would almost destroy my night's sleep, tossing around and worrying that I would miss the important obligation.

For airport-level importance, I would call 1, 2 or 3 friends and make SURE they called me at the right time next morning... plus that clock went across the room on the dresser, and had a hellacious noisy ring.

You must have your own set of "Defcon" levels of wakeup techniques.

That started in highschool for me, and then for some reason, I went through 2 (or 3!?) periods of years, when all I had to do was think about the hour to wake up, and then I would serenely get up right on time. WTH? I have no idea why.

In fact my n symptoms were so negligible for intermittent years, that even I would not have believed a dx of narcolepsy and probably put off my eventual search for understanding it. I had to crash and burn,

Sleep walking and AB automatic behavior is a classic symptom, so be sure you ALWAYS mention it/tag it on when trying to validate this for a doc. (I hope that particular doc knows his onions, because often that will send them off on a neuro search (or psych eval) instead.

Be prepared, plan ahead, so you dont ever wake up in traffic or something. There might be mystifying results of your AB writing, emailing, or cooking sometimes, that should set this kind of precaution at a much higher priority for you.

I am still scared I will use the stove, and I have a few times. My husband watches me at VERY close range, and he has some serious survival skills (light sleeping lightly), so Im good right now.

Posted on Jul 20, 2010, 9:47 AM
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