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Hi, I have suffered terrible vivid dreaming and sleep/waking hallucinations mixed with sleep paralyses since i was just a toddler nearly every single night without fail and every time i take naps or drift off. The dreams/hallucinations can be anything from being hurt by loads of hands grabbing me all over my body really hard, having a demon climbing onto my body and strangling me, being crushed, being stabbed and more. Unfortunatley they are more negative than positive. At 28 i'm still exactly the same now and have a habit of auto-behaviour or acting out my dream but wake within seconds so really in that senses their was no real danger in me getting past the bedroom door to effect/upset anybody else in the household. I think the fact that people around are aware of the effects of such dreaming, the chances of them getting hurt etc are lowered especially if they are not to close by (I'm oly going off my own experiences here). Before i sign off i would like to end in a positive note.. a couple of beautiful vivid dreams/hallucinations i had were, i was surrounded by Angels and cherubs and floating surrounded by the most calm feeling ever and gently came out of it instead of coming through the end sleep paralyses in complete fear, and the other was being surrounded by fairys and lots of sparkly bubbles ! happy.gif

Angel x

Posted on Jan 13, 2011, 2:04 PM
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