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by Shell (no login)


I think your positive attitude is great! Its wonderful that you dont have to/chose not take medication. Taking medication comes with allot of potential risks. As with anything you have to out weigh the good with the bad. I know for me I do not want to go back to my life without medication. If all I needed was power naps, then like you, I would most likely opt out of taking medication. However even with naps, I can not function. I cant join a social club, have lots of friends, go out allot, work, go to school etc etc. I dont have the energy to do these things. It has never mattered how much rest I have gotten, I am still chronically fatigued. I would cry because all I wanted was to take my son outside and play with him, run around the yard with him, swing with him...and some days I was able to manage maybe 15 minutes of this kind of activity with him, others I couldnt do it all. I wanted to be a good wife and do laundry, dishes, decorate my home, cook amazing dinners, but my body would not let. I drank TONS of energy drinks, coffee, straights shots and shots of espresso, energy pills..on and on, in the hope that they may work this time, even if only for an hour.

I remember that girl. I remember those days, weeks..years...

It helps me to reflect sometimes to see how far I have come. My medication isnt perfect and I have had to change a few times for one that better suits me. But as I stand I would never want to go back there again. I call that time "before I was awake."

I wish that a power nap or two was all I needed. You made the best decision for yourself and thats all we can do. The main questions is "whats it worth to you?" and thats something we all have to decide. For me, I do realize what im taking, I do realize the possible risks, but what im losing without taking these possible risks is my life. Im losing my life. I am unable to participate in my own life. For me, yes its worth it.


Posted on Sep 15, 2011, 5:22 PM
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