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Re: READ THIS: Tired, Sad, frustrated

by cd77 (no login)

Littlejohn, I appreciate response. I do think concerta doesn't help much. A pulmonologist is who diagnosed my son and prescribed concerta. They have been changing the amounts almost every 3-4 weeks. the pulmonologist did say she has never had a child with narcolepsy and had to do her homework on treatment before the concerta was prescribed. I was thinking "ok the doc doesn't even know what to do!" but a week later she said she consulted other docs and this was the leading treatment. I do hear all your words and I need to get more organized and get my sons life going. You mentioned suicide and my son hasn't try to harm his self but his thoughts are not like they use to be. He has extreme fear and worry and paranoia. He talks to his self alot and paces.
I've told docs but they say concerta should alleviate these symptoms. I will write more later or email but i have to get ready for work as we speak. Thanks again

Posted on Nov 5, 2011, 9:52 AM

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