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Welcome to the Sleepy Head Gang! It will take some time to adjust the medicine = 6 months to a year. 1) Best thing you can do is make a routine schedule and stick to it. Wake up same time, eat same time, take medicine at the same time, go to bed at the same time. Start your routine immediately and stick to it. The more you can get your sleep cycle in a rhythm, the better it will be. Is it going to fix everything? No. Is it still going to suck to have Narcolepsy? YES. But it will give you something to bench mark off of and that will help you start to manage. 2) Find a Doctor who understands and don't take any BS off the rest that don't. Just because you see a Dr one time doesn't mean your going steady for the rest of your life. 3) You got a good friend D. A good friend is worth their weight in gold. Some people will understand, some people won't. Surround yourself with the ones that understand. 4) Your life = you can't help the cards that are dealt to you but you sure as hell can control the ANTE in the poker pot. You only get one deal from the dealer, make it count. ALL IN!!! You never know, you might have the best hand sitting at the table.

Posted on Jun 8, 2012, 11:59 AM
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