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Fists, Fangs & Film: Poison Clan Rocks the World DVD

August 19 2004 at 10:59 AM


Front Cover
Back Cover

Special Features

Digitally Enhanced Audio and Video

Scene Selections

VenomsTrivia unlocking the Bonus Features

Women of the Venoms Subtitled Reprise
Creditless Closing: Kung Fu Fighting
Lobby Card Montages

Ordering Information

Region 0 (All Regions) Encoded in NTSC format
Running Time 71 minutes

Contact me, VenomsFan - venomsfan@hotmail.com and reserve your copy today!

Here are pics of the DVD Menus:


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Looks Great

August 27 2004, 3:38 AM 

Can't wait to see this one.

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Venom Doc

September 12 2004, 4:12 AM 

Hey peeps
Me and venomsfan just finishing testing the venom doc for tomorrow. It was a long process but we finally got everything running. Its really an honor that venomsfan took his time out and provider us fan with this documentary. I was blown away with just the little bit of clips I saw. My favorite part had to be the rare korean Chiang Sheng TV show. I hope everybody support venomsfan and help him out for the long 3 months, it took to make this Venom Doc.

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Re: Fists, Fangs & Film: Poison Clan Rocks the World DVD

September 13 2004, 3:02 AM 

thought the documentary was great the rare chiang sheng scene was awesome this is definitely an excellent film thanks VenomsFan for all your hard work, give yourself a pat on the back

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September 15 2004, 12:05 PM 

Ok I uploaded a small gallery page of stills from the DVD.

View them right here.


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Fist, Fangs, and Film Review

October 5 2004, 5:45 PM 

All I can say is this was obviously a labor of love! Vfan asked for a review so here it is!
Very well done. A nice overview of the careers of our beloved Venoms, with some pretty rare footage and stills to boot! This is a MUST HAVE for all Venoms Fans. We get a nice background on each of the stars and in general more info on them than has ever been put into ONE Definitive source to date. For us here on the fansite, we at last get to hear what Venomsfan sounds like! I reccomend it to any fan.
Not to mention the fun little extras! Trivia, tributes, and lobby card montages! (Its worth missing a question on the trivia just to see the clip that follows a wrong answer). My advice: Buy copies for every Venom fan you know and two for yourself! Its an underground classic!

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I loved this dvd.

October 31 2004, 1:23 AM 

This is a collectors dream. Thank you VenomsFan you did a lot of work on this dvd. As always great job on this dvd. Every fan should have this one. Tid did a very good review above so I am not sure I can add much to it. Except maybe if anyone ever asks you who the Venom's are show them this dvd then show them one of thier movies. They will be a fan too. So if you have not ordered this dvd do it now you will not be disapointed.

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Re: I loved this dvd.

November 2 2004, 9:13 PM 

venomsfan, i cant thank you enough for making this dvd possible..outstanding job on this dvd!...this is a must have for all venoms fans!

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Ordering this DVD

November 3 2004, 6:22 PM 

To FengLu and others,

Contact me, VenomsFan - venomsfan@hotmail.com and reserve your copy today!


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Re: Fists, Fangs & Film: Poison Clan Rocks the World DVD

November 17 2004, 5:16 PM 

I love the Venom Documentary. This is a good movie to get if you are a new Venom fan. I didn't know Chiang Sheng was in a Korean Show. Does anyone know the name of the show he was in. I watch a Korean show called The immortal YI Shoon shin something like that, I want to ask them if they can play the show Chiang was in. My brother likes how the credits end with Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting.

If you notice on Chiang's left wrist he has a green box on his wrist. Does anyone know what it menas?

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"Everybody was kung fu fighting."

November 26 2004, 6:16 PM 

While each of the Venoms had varying degrees of talent (acting, comedy, martial arts) this documentary shows us how they, as a team, reached a level none might have attained as a solo artist. That's what makes the Venoms and their films unique.

VenomsFan has accomplished a commendable task by creating this documentary, compiling what many might call (myself included) the most definitive project on this group of actors to date.

Whether you're a fan of the Venoms or just a fan of old-school kung fu, this labor-of-love doc is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Two thumbs up, Kioko.

- Terry

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Blown away

November 30 2004, 8:00 AM 

Just received my dvd, yesterday. It was worth every penny. This is something every venom fan must have. Both my brother & I said that watching this makes us want to watch every Venoms' movies again. Venomsfan, you truly outdid yourself on this dvd. Very informative. This is something I would watch over & over again. My favorite part of the dvd is the montage of the fighting scenes from all my favorite movies at the end. Good job!

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December 1 2004, 3:36 PM 

I'm in Awe!!! Please give yourself a pat on the back VenomsFan!!! Great piece of work. I've also watched Magnificent Ruffians for the 6th time. The sound was excellent on both DVDs.

Thank you SOOOOO Much!!!!


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Review and Praise

December 30 2004, 7:20 PM 


Here is my review. I can't begin to tell you how much it personally means to me to have this document of information. I hope my review does this film justice because to give less would be a shame.

When I finally got up the nerve to become a contributing member of the Five Deadly Venom Fansite, I had a terrible fear that one day I would go to the site and I would get that dreaded error message or "no site found" message coming back at me. That I would loose all the information and knowledge that I had gained along with a long list of fans whom “understood” this thing for the Venoms just like me. Like most things, it would have a limited shelf life. Well, with the DVD; Fists, Fangs, and Film: Poison Clan Rocks the World - A Venoms Filmography, all of those fears have been laid to rest. It is in VenomsFan's words “The Fansite on a DVD” and he has certainly lived up to his words because the DVD is just that!

It is without a doubt the most comprehensive analysis of the “Venoms” filmography that I believe is out there today if not the only one. It chronicles the work of the group know as the “5 Deadly Venoms” who were: Lo Meng, Lu Feng, Chiang Sheng, Kuo Choi, Sun Chien, and Wei Pei starting from their humble beginnings as extras through the end of their run as box office stars. But not only does he give them their just due, but also graciously includes the supporting cast members such as Wang Lung Wei, Wang Li, Yu Tai Ping, Yang Shun, Tam Jun Tao, Chu Ko, and Baby Venoms: Lung Tien-Hsia, Chin Su Ho, for which the experience could have not been complete.

The DVD begins by giving a rare glimpse into the Shaw Brothers Studio with actual footage showing the place that the Venoms would eventually leave their mark. It was interesting to find out that Lu Feng, Kuo Choi,were opera trained and Chiang Sheng who was trained and brought up in the opera in less than desirable circumstances and if memory serves correct, not much different than that of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung. It certainly explains why their acrobatic skills and timing on screen is unmatched by any known actor at that time (including the first team actors like David Chiang and Ti Lung to name a few).

The DVD continues to impress by giving a summary in pictures, music and words for each of their landmark films and the highlights that set them apart as a dominating force to be reckoned with during the mid 1970’s through the early 1980’s in Asian cinema. I particularly liked how he overlays the movie soundtrack with the stills and film footage along with critical dialogue from the film that pulls it all together. He uses a mixture of black and white photos with impeccable color images that any fan of the Venoms would love to get their hands on. I am always in awe of Lu Feng’s final fight scene in the movie Shaolin Rescuers for which I have seen I’m sure more than 25 times and in the DVD it was no exception. VenomsFan gives great background information that highlights from parts of the movies that most people would rarely read about. Remember, these movies are over 25 years old, some very rare like Sword Stained with Royal Blood or House of Traps and yet the information was fresh and exciting. VenomsFan uses the theme music creatively and I actually had fun and laughed trying to remember which songs went with what movie.

Half way through the documentary he gives us a little comic relief by featuring out-takes of some of the funnier scenes in a variety of the movies. Heavy in the section was Chiang Sheng, used many times in the Venoms movies as the comedian or the middle-man. It really was bittersweet.

The second half of the film continues to explore the later parts of the team as their tenture began to come to a close. It was surprising to see how the story lines started to change and the “business” of show business did not escape a tight knit group like the Venoms. VenomsFan doesn’t hide the fact that differences in opinion and leadership entered into the relationship of two of the magnificant trio namely Lu Feng and Kuo Choi. But as most things go, those differences did not take away the excellence in film making that fans had come to expect. Wang Li (aka the sixth venom) was heavily used in the later films and rightfully so. He was one of the few supporting cast members that could play the good guy and fight Lu Feng or the bad guy and fight Kuo Choi and leave fans never disappointed. Chin Siu Ho is also spotlighted in this part of the Venoms legacy. Good looks, wit, and natural ability made him asset to the formula. It was also noticeable the Sun Chien and Lo Meng are seen less and less. And Wei Pei almost non existent.

The third part beautifully shows with great respect the slow decline of the Venoms' era. It hurt to see Chiang Sheng playing an elf like creature in a tv series. I didn’t know how to handle seeing him in such a role and his eventual death was hard to take too. I was very happy to hear Kuo Choi’s actual voice in an interview done while filming the successful French film Brotherhood of the Wolf. He had aged well and it was the first time I had ever heard his own speaking voice. (Bet you didn’t know that all the films were taped without any sound! That’s right ! The voice you hear are other chinese actors. VenomsFan told me that!)

This DVD was truly a labor of love. Just like the performances that these actors gave us. We have them forever on film and it helps to keep me young and to remember. It’s a historical document on dvd. It is a collector’s piece. Words can’t express what I felt after finishing this documentary. It was like what an archeologist must feel when they find something that someone had forgotten long ago and brings it back to life by sharing it with the world. Thank you VenomsFan for creating this rare treasure. I hope that others will get to share in this experience as I have.


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Venoms Doc

January 25 2005, 5:54 PM 

This may not be the proper place to post this but since you're speaking of the fansite DVDs and I just received (and watched) the Venoms Doc this evening, here goes my review...

OH... MY...GOSH... I'm speechless. Venoms Fan you couldn't have done it any better. It was outstanding. Perfect even...you should win an award for this!! And seeing my name in the credits was a real shock, thanks for that. My kids and I were jumping on my bed hi-five-ing each other when we read it. ~lol~

I loved the extra footage of Chiang Sheng and the interview with Philip Kwok on Brotherhood of the Wolf. I've never seen any of that until now. What was that Philip was speaking, Cantonese? It didn't sound like Mandarin... Or perhaps he was just talking too fast for me. Anyhow, I was not disappointed by his "real voice" as it fit him well.

Thanks again for all your hard work and hope you'll find some new project to work on for us (when you recover from this one!)

You...you'll pay for this!

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Doc DVD Review

February 2 2005, 10:46 PM 

This DVD is simply awesome! VenomsFan did an excellent job researching, organizing and narrating this documentary.

I liked seeing the old photos of the venoms--so that's what they looked like back then. Seeing that cringworthy movie clip illustrating the harsh training that the kids went through at the Peking Opera training camp made me appreciate the effort that the opera trained venoms had to put forth in order to acquire those skills--those same skills that are now displayed in a variety of movies that I insist upon seeing over and over again.

The main part of the DVD describes at least 14 of the Venom movies, including several that I have not yet seen. Besides drooling over the concept of acquiring Venom movies that I haven't seen, the background information and insight provided by VenomsFan made me value this DVD all the more. There is description of the trends and characteristics that many of the Venom movies possess as well as developments in story and choreography throughout the evolution of these films. For example, they featured more than just one or two skilled fighters in their movies (5 Deadly Venoms), then they included training sequences (Invincible Shaolin), and then they incorporated more and more gymnastics and comedy in the fight scenes (Mortal Combat).

VenomsFan gives a good amount of information on the actors themselves. Its nice to see that Lu Feng was officially recognized several times for his talents, and its interesting to hear about the rift that occurred between Lu Feng and Philip Kwok, and its even more interesting to hear that this rift was touched upon in "Flag of Iron". Yes, it makes sense now, but I needed someone like VenomsFan to actually point it out. There are other moments of revelation on this DVD--too many to mention.

The Montage toward the middle of the documentary is funny and very clever. Woo Hoo--excellent choice of music! (No, not Homer Simpson).

VenomsFan also gave information about Wang Li, Chin Siu Ho and Lung Tien Hsia. Now, at the risk of sounding extremely spoiled, I was hoping there would be more information on some of those other co-stars I always see in the Venom movies, such as Yu Tai Ping, Tam Jun Tao, Lau Shi Kwong and Ma Sze Peng--if that's even possible. (If I have these names right, these would be the 4 guys in Lu Feng's crew in Shaolin Rescuers).

This DVD makes it clear that the Venoms were extremely skilled entertainers. They were excellent martial artists and they were great actors. They also had charm. They appeared likable on film so convincingly that I am quite certain that they were/are as amiable in real life. Its no wonder that the Venom equation worked--you place these guys in a good movie with an intriguing story under the eye of Chang Cheh and you get AWESOME with a high degree of re-play-ability.

Another thing that this DVD makes clear is that the Venoms put forth many movies in a very short amount of time. This surprised me and in some ways I found this dismaying. This means that all of this good stuff occurred during a very short time. I like to think that the Venoms were able to enjoy that period in their lives when they were able to pursue their craft. It seems that time was all too short. Still, it was very heartwarming to see that Philip Kwok was indeed able to realize one of his dreams due to the freedom that he was given while working on "Brotherhood of the Wolf". I hope he is given more of these opportunities and I hope the other Venoms are given similar opportunities, because they really were the best.

I think this DVD would be the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys martial art movies.

Thank you very much VenomsFan! Your ability to acquire and present information has resulted in this fitting tribute and excellent resource regarding the best martial art troupe on this planet.

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Three Toes Of Fury

If you've come to this site - you need this dvd

February 24 2005, 11:33 AM 

Hey Venoms fans!

I just got this dvd and was blown away by it. This is a must have for fans of old school martial arts. Even if you arent an uber venoms fan (who am i kidding..thats the reason we come to this site),
this documentary is for you.

Venomsfan has put together an amazing collection of clips .n. pictures .n. information on this dvd. The production is top notch and extremely professional with great editing and AMAZING montages. The disc even has bonus features that you get to after answering some trivia questions.

For fans of martial arts and HK cinema, there are very few decent documentaries available. Finally we get one thats great. THANK YOU VENOMSFAN!!!

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August 23 2005, 1:54 AM 



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November 19 2005, 12:58 PM 


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Lu Feng's Trident

Venoms Documentary

January 24 2006, 5:50 PM 

Got them, watched the documentary. You should be proud. It was excellent and In my estimation far better than the Celestial pictures "Chop Sockey, History of HK Cinema" Quite sad to see Chiang at the end , even under heavy makeup he looked old and emotionally beaten. He was only in his late 30's if I am not mistaken. Also I too loved Fight against the Supers. Lu was terrific and he seemed to thouroughly enjoy the role. I also enjoyed the Venom of the Ninja series although I feel the great Joseph Kuo ruined the fight seens by so dramatically speeding up the frames, quite disorienting. Well worth the wait. So sad that this group of heros were really only hitting their prime when everthing came apart. Suprised you made no mention of Lu's directorial collaboration with Chang Cheh in Death ring. Although most of the film was pretty lame story -wise it was a nice effort by Lu and proved he could direct. The interview with Kuo Chue was really cool. I don't understand why he isn't acting , I mean the guy still looks and moves like a young man, must be something in the Taiwanese water because he really has not aged a day. P.s. for those interested "the naval Commandos" came out this month as well, it has cameos by the venoms in it, unfortunately it appears to be available in only VCD format.

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