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Rules and other info for updating posts

May 31 2004 at 11:15 AM
Mac  (Premier Login iorr5t)



1) Title: When you first post, you can revise the title, but after, say, five minutes, leave it. Instead, make a reply to that post requesting me to change it. Reason: I keep a copy on my PC of all posts, and my system breaks if a title changes. I know because I have changed titles myself and forget to update my database and I spend a long time trying to get it to work again. Change title and cause me a problem = get removed from the R-group.

2) Text: You can change that whenever you want, except that keep in mind that someone might be viewing and replying to your old text. Maybe someone is replying "It is EOF, not EOX" - then you change EOX to EOF. Now it is hard to follow what's going on.

Also, remember that there is a "Preview" option before posting. Instead of blindly posting stuff, use "Preview" and if you like what you see, then post. Then it is seldom you need to revise.

To use the update-post feature:

Open a post you want to revise. You should see Edit Message  at the bottom. If not:

1) You are not logged on? Exit from network54, logon, and try again.

2) You were not logged on when you made the original post? Tough. Nothing can be done. How do you know you are logged on? When posting, you should not see
                 Login Status You are not logged in

instead, you should see your network54 logon id. If you don't see your logon id, then if you post you will never be able to edit that post. Obvious, actually. Network54 saves the logon id of the person making a post in order to see if that logon id can edit it later.

3) You are in a forum that has been fixed to allow updates. Complain. After it is fixed, you will be able to edit new posts made there.

4) You have never joined the R-Group. (R=Revise your own posts)
see "How to Edit Your Own Posts" below.

Nothing Works?

Possible problem you will have: You logon to network54 and then, shortly thereafter, you are automatically logged off. You will not see any symptoms or messages. But now you will no longer be logged on, so your posts will display Edit Message and thus you cannot edit them.

This is a pain and is due to network54 automatic logoff. Here is what to do to avoid that: (This should be a one-time fix)

1) Logon

2) Click "Edit account"

3) Click "Account Options"

4) Change "Auto Logoff" to Quarterly

5) Click "Save Changes"

6) Logoff and Logon again and look at account options again to make sure they were accepted.

Now you should always automatically be logged on every time you go to the Forum and will have no problems until the quarter expires.

I log on and off from time to time to avoid even the quarterly problem, since the quarter starts as of your last login.

BUT if you go to another machine and logon, it will automatically log you off from the last machine. A logon applies to a given machine only. Of course you can carry your laptop from one internet-zone to another without problem - logon is not IP-address sensitive, only computer sensitive.


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