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I dunno about that. Not after M$ changed the hardware specs.

February 6 2008 at 4:40 PM
Clippy  (Login burger2227)

Response to Sure, kiss Hi Res goodbye with a driver change. No more Aero...


VISTA was created and manufacturers were TOLD to change the hardware specs to meet it's requirements. While some had a ton of old stuff to sell first, many redid the hardware like they were told. To go back to the old hardware might be easy, but some have payed plenty to upgrade and it would create a huge deficit in that investment. I don't see how Windows 7 could revert back without a lot of irate manufacturers. They could DEMAND that M$ not revert back again.

Qbasic, VB and other programming languages are getting trashed so that M$ can FORCE people to program in their new .NET BS.  NET changes every month! All they have to do now is find a way to get rid of C and Java. NET is not cheap either!

64 machines pretty much exclude DOS programs already. 128 are next. The kids want their games to run as pretty as they can. WHOGAS about the other 80% who actually do not need that kind of system? M$ and INTEL are still going to dictate PC policy until people wise up and quit buying their junk! See what you get included for almost nothing on a new PC? The headaches are FREE too!


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