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My son lost his place on his age group’s top team-ten reasons why I still love Concorde

February 11 2012 at 10:52 AM
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My son lost his place on his age groups top team-ten reasons why I still love Concorde
1. Concorde is ultracompetitive. You know that going in. Your kid is not just competing with teammates for playing time. Virtually anybody in GA can come in and take his spot at anytime, and they do. Its incredible how hard that makes everyone play--every drill at every practice counts, no stagnation. Guys Ive seen on lower ranked teams just dont seem to have that sense of urgencyjust watch the talented Classic II or III kids who come from smaller clubs at ODP practices.
2. Concorde does a hell of job developing players. Yes, we get tons of players from other clubssorry, but 16 scholarship athletes dont happen to grow up right around Ashford Dunwoody every year. Barcelona gets most of their players from other teams-does that mean they dont know how to develop them? Top players are dying to come to top clubs, but a LOT of our newcomers are real head scratchers when they first come. They are often used to being stars, so they dont play it quickly, D-up, get back on D, or show, and some have humungo first touches. However, after about a month of getting scorched in practice by teammates and coaches, they invariably raise their game to the level of those around them and are completely different players.
3. No slacker coaches. They know the kids names the first day; they arent texting or during practice, and they are punctual. They show leadership and followership-Ive only heard one Concorde coach complain about the club and he left.
4. Concorde tries to screw their own teams at every tournament, including the Challenge Cup. Our coaches always always ask to put us in the toughest bracketstournaments are about competing, not shining. The 16 B national champs have never won their own Cup.
5. Concorde prepares players for the paththey dont prepare the path for the players. We dont have mediocre players getting mysterious invitations to national ODP or prestigious European camps as part of recruiting pitches. You have to earn your accolades. Now, they will do everything they can to showcase players talents and help them earn scholarships, (and thats a lot), but that is a genuine opportunity, not an undue influence thing.
6. Our own refs give us no love. They may get it wrong, but there is no way they are biased.
7. Parentswith notable exceptions like me, dont complain much to the refs or try to coach their kidsif they do, they are literally told to shut up. More importantly, Ive heard at some clubs parents of top players on top teams can think they are really special. Ive never had that feeling at Concordeno Star-Bellied Sneetches here. It is humbling when you know that your kid might be next on the chopping block--that bell tolls for thee.
8. Concorde is run like a business. Parents dont run the show. Millionaire, team manager, autographed Messi jersey bidder at a CF fundraiser? Thanks, but you know you are only doing this for the kids. There are no big men on campus and so it is impossible to brown nose or pull string when things dont go your way. No player ever sits because of politics.
9. Gregg Blasingame and Brian Mooreboth set the tone for the whole club by being demanding coaches who love their players (they are great with tots)but refuse to lose, and they dont accept excuses. They will put their athletes in positions where they can use their abilitiesincluding playing the long ball, and still dominate possession game in and game out. People see Gregg raving on the sideline and understandably dont get itbut Concorde players overwhelmingly love playing for the guy and will pick up their intensity even if he is just popping in on their game. Think Navy Seal tough loveall too human, humorous guys who love the comradery that comes with the battle and respect you enough not to coddle or pity you when things dont go your way. Gregg kind of reminds me of the Air Cav Colonel Kilgore from Apocolypse Now.
10. LASTLYI love what the CONCORDE (Latin stems-con-with and corde-heart) experience has done for my son, a once long time starter. He knows what it means to compete and is grounded about his abilities. When he was in the process of getting replaced, I made the mistake of questioning a new teammates ability, but he stopped me right in my tracks, stating matter of factly, Dad, Im not better than he is. Thats exactly what I have seen (and I am sure you have seen this on your teams, too) from a lot of ex top team playersnot an ounce of self-pity about having taken their fair shot in the ring. As parents, we can learn from their examples.

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