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Cherokee taking their last breath

May 26 2012 at 4:40 PM
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So the Cherokee BOD released a statement today to their membership with a stack of lies, distortions and hope. This last ditch effort (just prior to try outs) spoke of their BS legal battle against a previous employee that they were not smart enough to get a non compete from, falsification about the financial situation (probably so since they are paying a fantom Acadamy Coordinator $56K a year.....who else are they paying that we dont know about), a relationship with the county that can not stand them nor do they want to work with them and the all mighty savior of AP. Folks, dont drink the cool aid. CSA has already gone under water twice and they are going under for thier third and final time. Most of the "talent" is leaving and moving a little south.....oh wait there is a NASA Cherokee, they dont have to go anywhere. The BOD needs to be accountable for their actions (probably a class action law suit comig soon)and the best way to voice your displeasure is to leave. Bye....bye CSA. JB doesnt even have enough money to save this club.

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