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SSA is out of the running in all age groups so bundling

June 19 2012 at 5:27 PM
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700 clubs together did not work for you? SSA is dead so time to let it rest

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  1. They will beat you next year too, They will have much better teams. - Anonymous on Jun 19, 5:36 PM
    1. If they did too well this year how would they show improvement next year - Anonymous on Jun 19, 5:38 PM
    2. first of all we beat all 9 of your teams in our age bracket - Anonymous on Jun 19, 5:43 PM
      1. If you have been around any length of time - Anonymous on Jun 19, 6:13 PM
    3. Do they have any rpl teams next year on the boys side? eom - Anonymous on Jun 19, 6:18 PM
      1. Easy ..... U r the idiot parent I am walking about dope!!! - Anonymous on Jun 19, 6:56 PM
        1. Not sure about this 'dope walking' but if are referring - Anonymous on Jun 19, 7:42 PM
          1. Ur kid ain't that good save the gas idiot. Rec is look for some players - Anonymous on Jun 19, 8:20 PM
            1. Are you in pain? Irritable Bowel Syndrome maybe? - Anonymous on Jun 19, 10:23 PM
              1. PRIs are nothing to joke about on the forum - Anonymous on Jun 20, 10:26 AM
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