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My take on AFC

June 29 2012 at 8:52 AM
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First of all, my kids have been playing with AFC for a good while. 2 of them maybe playing somewhere else this fall.

I think AFC is still a solid club but they no longer dominate the southside. While CFS will never take over AFC as some people hope (and the main reason will never happen is these people try to do it out of spite not what's good for the kids). CFS will continue to get the players/teams that were not happy with AFC. The same can be said for SSA, which I actually see to be a bigger threat to AFC than CFS. Yes, AFC may grow in numbers. This is kind of a given due to the decline over the last few years and their push at the younger ages. But can they draw the older talent to their current teams?

The current admin is happy with recruiting rec players for PTC and have the attitude of "why would anyone go to CFS or SSA?" Because of this they no longer draw from Henry/Pike Co, Macon/Columbus and all other points south of I-20.

Their focus is on the academy, which is great. The issue I see is that they continue to lose the older players, U14+. How many are playing for GUSA? How many ODP players do they have? Other than a couple of teams, how many R3PL potential teams do they have? Yes, they will continue to have a couple of good teams but they will not dominate at every age group like they use to.

Another issue is cost. Who wants to play below classic II and Athena B and pay over $1000 these days. As we lose kids to other sports (lax) and because of cost, I think we will continue to see lower cost programs such as SSA and FFC continue to grow. Heck, maybe even see more kids playing rec at the older ages.

In the end, AFC isn't going anywhere. And I mean that in several ways. CFS/SSA will not be "taking it over" anytime soon. And AFC will struggle to field high level teams in more than a couple age groups. It is still a very good option for most people in the area. But until attitudes change (basically a change of admin), AFC will stay right were they are at...

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