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Re: Act III Part 2

June 22 2010 at 10:50 PM

Tatia Loring  (Login tatialoringnw)
from IP address

Response to Act III Part 2

Then again ... happy.gif


I was planning to keep my comments to a minimum, until the end - but will add just a few here, which are similar to Mona's and Aunt Helen's and also a stand-up for some of Ernie's plot devices, too.

To be fair, Mona, your point about Max running out to retrieve Danny's instruction note in the trash can (which revealed their presence as well) was well taken. (Did Danny throw it there - knowing our guys would be around??) There was a quick line a few minutes earlier that I left out (as I didn't want this synopsis to run longer than the script itself. happy.gif ) While Max and Kelly are watching the 2 bikes heading into one another in the Magdalen Quadrangle, Max steps out of the archway shadows where they are hiding. Kelly says, "Max! Come back here! Right now they only think we're still around. Let's keep it that way!" Max steps back immediately.

Max must have felt that retrieving Danny's note was essential - and - balanced it against the risk of being seen.

Max Jedenoff, as Ernie has painted him, is a very competent professional. He is old-school and from a different generation of spies. He is a good deal older than Kelly & Scotty, and prefers to use his arsenal of gadgets and gimmicks. But they are effective and he is effective. Max is not a buffoon or bumbler, like the Max de Brouget character in "Chrysanthemum." Our Max's style is just different than Kelly and Scotty's, but no less competent. I've left out a few details here and there -- like Max examining small details. He will closely examine things like stationery, to access and appraise his opponents. Max is older and has been out in the field longer than our guys, he is an experienced agent - but so far he is following Kelly's directive that "He and Scotty are running the show." But Jedenoff's walking away, so coolly, after murdering the Albanian with his umbrella gun, shows a ruthless, colder side to him -- it is not all just good-natured charm. I find him a "most" interesting character, and at the end, I am looking forward to seeing how others would cast him.

I am glad that you are enjoying the accompanying photos ... I thought they would help visualize the scenes. And they have been fairly easy to find, as Ernie's descriptions were very clear.

And yes, poor Lian I find the scenes with her quite brutal. But that does help the story's "time crush" greatly ... we, the audience, know that the villains in this story are truly vicious and ruthless, so the 2 hour time limit is a pressing factor in the story (not some artificial doomsday, like we've seen in many others of the genre).

My one question IS ... Why did Lian go to "our" government for help in getting Danny out of China?? She is English, and Danny was working in Oxford. Was "James Bond" busy that week?? Did he have something else to do? happy.gif

[linked image]

[linked image]

... and what about George Rickaby-Hackaby, of "Her Majesty's Secret Service"?? Was he out playing pool or something??

[linked image]

And yes, I agree totally - even though this story was probably written as a fast turnaround TV script (with extremely lovely location shots) I, too, am most intrigued reading it, and keep looking forward to more! Hope you are, too ...

All my best,

Tatia happy.gif

~ ~

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