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Stray thoughts on Jedenoff

June 23 2010 at 3:32 PM
Aunt Helen Robinson  (Login AuntHelenRobinson)
from IP address

Response to Re: Act III Part 2

I'm not sure I buy his motivation as presented at the beginning of Act II Part 1. It seems to me that there would be other ways to keep the Chinese from getting Danny's rocket propellant research (including killing Danny -- it's not like Jedenoff couldn't or wouldn't) and there's something about his involvement that just seems too casual... But then I often have suspicions that don't play out. Another is that Lian is a plant (Russian, probably -- that might explain Jedenoff's non-lethal interest). Or Danny or Lian (but not both!) is actually Jedenoff's long lost child...

It occurs to me that Jedenoff may be a placeholder for Col. Benkovsky -- if they were able to get Alan Oppenheimer for the episode it would have been easy to switch Benkovsky into most of the scenes; if not they would have a new genial Russian spy character to play with.

You know what's even more old fashioned than an ankle holster? One of those Wild, Wild West contraptions that delivers a gun to hand from up your sleeve. My mental Prop Department has already fabricated one and made the substitution wink.gif

Tatia, you have a point about the Brits calling in the Americans to rescue a Brit. A seasoned fanwanker could probably come up with a dozen elaborate and plausible explanations; I'm thinking that it might have just been a matter of Scott and Robinson being the right guys in the right place at the right time. Plus the Chinese (like you) might have just not expected it, which would give them a sight edge over, say, James "Look! I'm here! Here I am! Guess what I'm here to do!" Bond.

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