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June 24 2010 at 3:13 PM
Aunt Helen Robinson  (Login AuntHelenRobinson)
from IP address

Response to Um...Aunt Helen....

Fanwanker: one who fanwanks wink.gif

Checking around the Internet it appears that there are several definitions of "fanwank" out there, depending on the fandom involved. The way I use it (picked up from Buffy fandom, I'm pretty sure) a fanwank is a fan-generated attempt to explain away a plot hole, flaw in logic or continuity error in a work as published, aired or screened, generally by adding information that was not contained in -- but also not contradicted by -- the original work.

Apparently the derivation from a certain British expletive was intentional, at least according to this source ( "...a relatively harmless activity designed to make the fan feel better about things, hence the name." I'm thinking that also says something about why particular story points tend to get fanwanked more than others: fans feel uneasy about them as they stand (or don't stand) and hence cast around for a "fix." For example, a page or two or three back we had a big discussion about why Kelly had lost touch with his Uncle Henry and Aunt Alma after his mother's death. It does seem a little odd and doesn't quite sit well. If I recall correctly folks who tried to dope it out pretty much stuck to day-to-day mundane "probable" sorts of processes that even so were never mentioned in any episode, though really we could have just as well blamed it on the scandal surrounding Kelly's mother's murder by her passionate, jealous lover (which might explain some other things about Kelly as well...) There's really no limit as long as it fits with what we know, or think we know.

Another thought on Jedenoff: He's actually working with the Albanians, with plans to retire to the Ionian coast. His "mistakes" are deliberate actions to signal his allies or slow Kelly down. He killed what's-his-name (Borin) just because he could.

And speaking of fanwanking...: Didn't Great Britain have a ban on handguns during this period? Wouldn't a bunch of people waving guns around and shooting at each other (I'm reading ahead to Act III Part 3) sort of stand out?

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