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July 3 2010 at 2:24 AM
Amaryllis  (Login ZX524)
from IP address

Response to The Day They Gave The Bride Away - STARRING???

Well ok this is probably a strange thought, but you know for some reason the umbrella, the theatrics, the eccentric behavior. John Carradine's voice popped into my mind. He was somewhat eccentric, and oddly old fashioned and always talked in that Shakespearean voice. He was also cast equally often in comedic roles and menacing roles. The other person that comes to mind is Maurice Chevalier. Not necessarily that either of them would be the best choice, but their voices and faces come to mind.

For Lian. There is a Japanese actress who was quite likeable and innocent, yet strong willed.The perfect damsel in distress. She won an Oscar for Sayonara Her name was Miyoshi Umeki.This is a clip from an episode of the Virginian "Smile of a Dragon". This is the 5th of 8 clips,
if you would like to see who she is.She plays a Chinese apothecary who winds up on the run with Trampas.Here is a picture of her with a more modern hairstyle. [linked image]

I agree on Anthony Zerbe. I always thought he was an underated, underused actor.He didn't manage to escape playing creepy parts until later in his career.He was typecast because of an accident as a young actor. It seems he was supposed to climb on the shoulders of another actor and got dropped on his head. When he woke up from a coma a few days later, he had nerve damage to his face. And so he became a character actor. Ok, Tatia about that everything leads back to Robert Culp theory - some of the better parts Zerbe got in the sixties were three episodes of Gunsmoke. In one of those parts "Talbot", his leading lady was none other than Corpus Earthling's Salome Jens. The fun part - Anthony's wife since 1962 is Arnette Jens, Salome's sister. You just know that had to be ackward.

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