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WAGON TRAIN "The Baylor Crowfoot Story" ...

May 23 2012 at 12:12 PM

Tatia Loring  (Login tatialoringnw)
from IP address

One of the missing "Holy Grail" of Culp performances
WAGON TRAIN's "The Baylor Crowfoot Story"

(3-21-62 episode #5.25) is now out there and available for purchase.

[linked image]

Wagon Train - Season 5 - comes with 37 episodes in a 10 disc package.
For some reason, this episode was never included in previous compilations,
and never shown on Wagon Train re-runs on TV. I read some reason as
to why some episodes were never shown, but cannot remember what it was.
And "no one" seems to have ever seen this one.

Here's the description of The Baylor Crowfoot Story from the "fiftiesweb" site ...

An overbearing man, after catching a schoolmaster exchanging glances
with his daughter, warns the teacher to leave her alone. He then proceeds
to bully and shame the mild mannered man.

It lists the cast as

Robert Culp as Baylor Crowfoot
John Larch as Jethro Creech
Joyce Taylor as Ruth Creech
Leonard Nimoy as Emeterio Vasquez

(I checked around on several sites and Leonard Simony may or may not be in this.
His character may belong with a different episode. Please let us know, if anyone sees this.)

Here is AMAZON's synopsis of the DVD:

NBCUniversal and Timeless Media Group now bring you the complete, uncut Wagon Train - The Complete Season Five,
one of the most enduring and sought after westerns of all time. Direct from the vaults at Universal, these 37 episodes
have been re-mastered and are presented on 10 dual layer DVDs in a special edition tin box, with a handsome
DVD booklet complete with all the episode synopses, the guest stars and more.

John McIntire returns to the cast of Wagon Train full-time as Wagon Master Chris Hale, joining costars Robert Horton
(Head Scout Flint McCullough), Frank McGrath (Charlie Wooster), Terry Wilson (Bill Hawks), and Denny Miller (Duke Shannon).
Season Five marks the last appearance of Robert Horton in Wagon Train, after almost five full seasons.

Each weekly episode featured some of Hollywood's brightest stars in guest roles, including Joseph Cotten
(The Captain Dan Brady Story), Polly Bergen (The Kitty Albright Story), Barbara Stanwyck (The Maud Frazier Story),
Rory Calhoun (The Artie Matthewson Story), Nick Adams (The Traitor), Bette Davis (The Bettina May Story),
Robert Culp (The Baylor Crowfoot Story) , Jane Wyatt (The Heather Mahoney Story) and many more!

This 10 DVD collector's edition of Wagon Train - The Complete Season Five, including all 37 great episodes,
is sure to please both fans of the original broadcast and newcomers who are seeing it for the first time.
As Major Adams says as he leads his charges westward and they roll their Conestoga wagons out
onto the prairie, "WAGONS, HO!"

The DVD set was originally listed for $79.98, but is selling on AMAZON for $53.31.

And this site compares prices from 16 sellers ...

Denny Miller was a regular on WAGON TRAIN in the 5th season, as "Duke Shannon"
... yes, that's Denny Miller a.k.a. "Wally" from Anyplace I Hang Myself is Home, and also
as the "Gorton's Fisherman" (maybe he was on some undercover assignment at the time.)

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

If anyone gets to see this episode, PLEASE share a review with us.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ All my best,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Tatia happy.gif

~ ~ ~ ~

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