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Catching Up ....

June 6 2012 at 11:16 PM

Tatia Loring  (Login tatialoringnw)
from IP address

Thanks, Ian, for the Get Smart "Die, Spy" link ...

And dear Lisa and Amaryllis ...

If you both remember, could you please give the gang at the FORUM an update of each month's
past "doings" over at the CONSUMMATE CULP and Amaryllis' YOU TUBE Channels.

I don't always remember to check in at your sites routinely, and when I do I am always delighted
with the new things you have both added ( ... do love the WarLord clip, Amaryllis. happy.gif )

I'm sure everyone here would enjoy keeping up with whatever new "goodies" you have both added.

[linked image]

Again for any newbies out there, you can find the link to Lisa's CONSUMMATE CULP site
on the top right of this page ....
and the link to Amaryllis' ROBERT CULP CHANNEL right above Robert's roving eyes.

~ ~ ~ ~ All my very best,

~ ~ ~ ~ Tatia happy.gif

~ ~ ~ ~

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