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Enough written which validates point.

May 29 2005 at 7:59 AM
dapv  (Login DAPV)
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Response to The Sub should stay SUB merged-- with the crown left open!

True, much "opinion" has been written. What truly validates a point or a watch is relative retail sales, after market sales, and repeat customers.

I too have owned, and still own many watches. They all have their unique idiosyncracies. In general the watches we're discussing, and for that matter, all of the watches I own or have owned are a "joke" in terms of what I have paid for them. The watch companies are highly successful because they sustain profit margins that permit them to exist. But, that could be said about most everything. In fact, what isn't over priced? Certainly the car I drive is, certinly the home I live in is, certainly the taxes I pay are, the groceries, wine, heat, etc, etc.

Try to enjoy that which you are given the gift to enjoy. That can be done without knocking down some one elses enjoyment.

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