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October 5 2006 at 6:16 PM

ei8htohms  (Login ei8htohms)
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Response to Photo Blancpain Le Brassus Split QP and Patek comparison

Hi Jeff,

Your biases are well known, but surely you can't really think that's a particularly instructive comparison as presented. And to be perfectly blunt, to describe Patek's constant minutes counter as "cheaper" demonstrates either a fundamental misunderstanding of the issues involved or a willingness to distort the facts to suit an agenda.

To equip a Piguet 1185 with a continuous minutes counter would be more "expensive" just as making the Patek 28-520 minutes counter semi-instantaneous would make it more "expensive". And no, the Blancpain is not a true jumping minutes counter which would be much more elaborate/complicated/expensive to manufacture, just ask Lange. Both minutes counter designs (continuous and semi-instantaneous) reflect the overall construction of the movements and their different design priorities and neither of them are necessarily indicative of economy of manufacture.

I'd rather not get into a "cost/craft" comparison of these two pieces in other regards unless you'd like to go into the differences between Durnico and high carbon steel as material choices for perpetual calendar and chronograph component in terms of cost of manufacturing, potential for refinishing/refurbishment and overall longevity.


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