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Biases Aside Now We Are Having Fun

October 5 2006 at 7:23 PM
jkingston  (no login)

Response to come on

Hi John:

Well the other points aside, which were mainly directed to the notion that certain brands enjoy a pricing power that others dont (my other favorite comparison is the Lange Double Split, a technical tour de force that was introduced at Basel 2004 to many cries of "Too Expensive" at nearly $100K, followed the next year by the Patek Monopusher split, lacking the complexity of the Lange double split, that had people lined up to buy at over $300K). My comparison of features was really an economic analysis.

But now turning to jumping minute counters vs. continous running counters, I stand by my guns. Not only are the jumping counters more classic and easier to read, but they are generally speaking more simple to construct. Having examined lots of chronographs that is true. Now it would be complicated to change the 1185, conceived as a jumping counter design, to continuous running--but that says no more than converting one design to another is not easy.

I actually did not get to the best part of the Patek analysis. The operation of the pushers is not particularly admirable. The return to zero is quite stiff and unpleasing to the touch.

There is one other bias to disclose. I am a huge fan of Patek and prize many in my collection.


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