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are we now talking about functionality?

October 6 2006 at 3:12 AM

ei8htohms  (Login ei8htohms)
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Response to Biases Aside Now We Are Having Fun

Hi Jeff,

Pricing power is what it is and the brands that enjoy it in spades mostly didn't get there by accident. Patek certainly didn't and I applaud them their successes and hope they continue to go from strength to strength. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle loss of focus on the part of some key management players for design or construction changes to start creeping in that ultimately undermine the credibility of the brand. I rather hope that we haven't seen that from Patek yet.

I generally agree about the increased legibility of semi-instantaneous minutes coutners (which, again, are distinct from true jumping minutes counters), but surely that's not what you were referring to when you said it was more "expensive" than a continuous minutes coutner. Likewise, simpler to construct is not usually something I'd associate with "more expensive". It could be argued that a continuous minutes counter is more reliable and/or better for the timekeeping in some regards, but I'm not sure the arguments would be all that compelling.

Having not had the pleasure (displeasure?) of trying the pushers on a 5960 just yet, I'll have to take your word for it about the pusher feel. Perhaps the sample(s?) you tried was not a notable specimen in that regard? At any rate, the Piguet 1185 is generally quite good/consistent when it comes to pusher feel in my experience.

Isn't there a perpetual split from IWC that's substantially less expensive than the BP?


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