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just to clarify

October 16 2006 at 3:56 AM

ei8htohms  (Login ei8htohms)
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Response to May I comment...

Hello Mike,

Perhaps you're confusing the concept of "having an agenda" with "being biased"? One that has a vested interested in the topic of discussion is sometimes thought/said to have an agenda. That means it is in that persons best interest (financially, politically, emotionally or otherwise) for the discussion/debate to go one way or the other. The fact that Jeff is an official spokesperson for Blancpain does not of course disqualify his opinions about the quality of their products, but when in the course of a discussion about them he repeatedly avoids the substantive points raised against them all the while distorting the facts with a clear bias in mind it calls into question whether a specific agenda is being pursued.

I wholly admit to being biased about many things, but my opinion of the Piguet 1185 is an informed one and has changed substantially since having become familiar with the movement. Before I ever worked on it, I was a big fan. I've always liked the Seiko vertical clutch chronographs and shared the general admiration found in the watch enthusiast community for the Piguet 1185. After having serviced and repaired a few dozen of them, my opinion has changed however as I gradually recognized some design elements that I believe to be weaknesses, mostly relating to serviceability and ultimate longevity but also to the immediate running precision of the movement. If you can find a watchmaker who is intimately familiar with this movement and who has a lot of good things to say about it, please tell them to drop me a line as I'd love to discuss it with him/her.

If you find my opinion to be biased, then so be it. Believe what you will. But don't kid yourself that I have an agenda other than sharing my honest opinion.


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