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No problem and thank you. . .

October 16 2006 at 5:25 PM
JackForster  (no login)

Response to Thank you Jack...


. . .John of course can speak for himself but having known him as a horological writer first and now industry professional I can guarantee that he takes the dissemination of accurate information very seriously. His opinion of the FP 1185 is actually a case in point; he's concerned to offer the perspective of someone with actual bench experience, not just with one but with several dozen samples, as a point of information of value and interest to this community.

In a larger sense, of course, does every aspect of a watch have to be perfect for us to enjoy it? If functional perfection were the be all and end all we wouldn't be interested in mechanical watches at all. Having had a chance to hear opinions from many highly regarded professionals with bench experience I'll never have is one of the big perks of being a moderator for this community (you know, aside from all the free minute repeaters ) and really, there are very few if any movements that don't show concessions to economy at least here and there- rivets used instead of screws, parts clearly designed for replacement rather than serviceability, unfinished cover plates hidden under the dial away from the prying eyes peering through a display back, wire springs, et cetera et cetera. How much should we be bothered by such things? It's up to each of us to find out as much as we can about the watches we like- or as much as we care to- and then we can decide what's important to each of us individually.

To me in a watch I love the whole is always more than the sum of sometimes imperfect parts, and BP makes watches that to my personal taste are elegant, refined in execution, and examples of some very classical values in watch design, as well as a certain sophistication in the expression of those principles; that's enough for me .


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