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Continuous vs. Running Minute Counter Chronos

October 18 2006 at 3:51 PM
jkingston  (no login)

Well John and I got into it a few days ago about whether continuous running minute counters on chronographs represent a simplified solution when compared to jumping minute counters (and here I am using the term to mean chrono minute counters that move as the chrono hand passes 60. I do not mean necessarily instanteous counters such as are found in the Datograph).

I had occasion to lunch with one of the "Deans" of watch design in the Vallee de Joux this past week and posed that exact question. The answer was simply unequivocal: continuous running minute counters are held in lower esteem than jumping counters. They are vastly easier to build, vastly easier to design. Moreover they depart from classic design. And as I was carrying a copy of the Patek movement (the 5960 chrono base) it was easy to see how much more simple the design is.

So I stand by my guns.


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