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The danger of anecdotal comments; context is of utmost importance

October 19 2006 at 12:36 PM

ThomasM  (Premier Login thepurist178)
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Response to Thank you Jack...

Dear Michael,

Of the 6 Blancpain tourbillons I own/have owned, all but one (five) have had to go back for service, due to either defects in design or manufacture. Some more than once, one several times.

All were purchased new, from authorized dealers. I am quite familiar with watches and how they are supposed to be handled, thank you very much, and I am likely more careful with my timepieces than 98% of the population.

So what is this supposed to prove?

Senior executives from two major brands in the industry, and one better known for its diamonds than its watches (though this is changing), that have used F. Piguet movements as well as GP movements in their branded watches, consistently told me that the F. Piguet movements they used were "finicky" and "problematic" and that they were much happier with their GP movements.

So what is this supposed to prove?

Why am I not more upset or down on Blancpain products or F. Piguet movements?

Because I happen to love Blancpain products, and as my problems have been addressed as they came up, and at this point, the Blancpain's I do own are working well, I just let bygones be bygones. And, I happen to have a very friendly, respectful relationship with Blancpain personnel and dealers.

Why have I not blasted Blancpain products or F. Piguet movements?

See above.

But your comments in this thread left me with no choice but to respond -

I have known John for a very long time, and worked with him editorially for much of that time. I have seldom met someone who is MORE responsible and cares MORE about the possible implications of his public statements. He does NOT take that "responsibility" lightly.

I have also known Jeff Kingston for a very long time, and I have to admit, even I was left scratching my head about his comparison between the BP and the PP. Why bring PP into it, then? Why not just sing the praises of the BP, unto itself? Those who know both BP and PP know how to take Jeff's comparison, agree or disagree. But those that don't? Why don't you take Jeff to task for raising the very obvious (but clearly disputable) conclusion that PP is over priced and over-exalted, BP underly so? Isn't that irresponsible, publically?

I understand all too well the rhetorical tool of explication by comparison, even if the comparison has questionable consequences for the party that is not the main point of the comparison, in this case, PP. But as you point the finger of responsibility at John, I have to ask you - is it responsible, or fair, to imply that PP is somehow less worthy, by comparison? Why not avoid comparisons altogether?

Blancpain themselves have no problems acknowledging they are not a perfect company, or make perfect product, and are working diligently on improving those areas that most need improving. I respect them for this, as a company that can't accept they and their products are not perfect, are doomed to forever make flawed product, without improvement.

If you think John is slamming BP unfairly, may I humbly suggest you ask him for specifics?

Believe me, John, as much or more than just about anyone participating on this or any other online discussion forum, has some FACTUAL, SUBSTANTIVE points to back his "bias" or "opinion" - more than most of the blah blah we see and read. Whether you and other readers reach the same conclusions he does, is up to the reader. But at least give him the chance; I believe his many years of online participation and engagement has earned him at least that little courtesy.

Blancpain knows I love their product and champion their efforts as a company and brand.

Jeff knows I respect him as a friend and fellow watch aficionado.

By pointing your "gun" at John, Mike, ironically, when he, of anyone in this thread, actually has both BENCH EXPERIENCE and formal education on the subject he is writing about, you do raise misleading and unfair questions about his motives and qualifications, to those that don't know him.

And that I won't stand for.

Even if I remained quiet on my personal experiences with Blancpain products, good or bad...


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