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In rereading my earlier coments...

October 19 2006 at 6:16 PM
Michael Schott  (Login Schott)

Response to I believe the comments already made in this thread

I realize I was being defensive concerning Blancpain and their movements due to my high regard for the marque. My comments toward John were based on the to and fro posts he and Jeff were having and how attack driven they had become. Personally if I were in their shoes I would have wanted to keep the banter more civil but of course I also posted in a not so civil manner. When I read words like "agenda" concerning a person and brand I respect I get a little hot under the collar and react defensively.

Obviously Jeff has strong beliefs towards Blancpain which I share and John has strong opinions based on his experiences. It does no good either way to attack each other but might be best left as an amicable difference of opinion.

On another note, the service John provides in reviewing movements and exposing the inner workings of our little gems is invaluable to a layman like myself. John's point of view in regards to how movement design affects ease of service and other factors is an area I seldom look at as features like 100 hour power reserves, thin movements and fine finishing push my buttons. I wish there were others like him willing to lend their expertise on forums like this and others. As I know just enough to get into trouble, and the more I can learn the better. Thanks, Mike.

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