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Thanks very much, Suitbert; the broad sweeping generalizations presented in this and the

October 20 2006 at 8:54 AM

ThomasM  (Premier Login thepurist178)
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Response to Some examples.....

previous thread, motivated by agenda or not, tends to be more misleading than truly educational. For me, this is one of the critical differences between "pure" academic learning and promotion / marketing driven learning.

The oversimplifications of theory and history and terms, and the misguided over-simplistic conclusions that are drawn, often self-contradictory within the same discourse, remind me of nothing more than the earlier (mis-guided) mantra that perpetual calendars are more complex, superior, to annual calendars;
therefore the PP annual calendar, "simpler," is inferior.
Therefore the annual calendars are a consumer cheat.

Slippery slopes occur everywhere, and though we may poke fun, even deride the "more money than passion or brains" consumer who walks into the store and simply asks, without homework, without critical reasoning, "what's the best, most expensive, most complicated watch/car/wine you have?" most of us do this ourselves more often than we probably want to admit.

Thanks to John, Jeff, Suitbert, and all who participated in these threads.

(WARNING: self serving statement upcoming)
Discussions like this reinforce to me why ThePuristS and the standards and goals it has set for itself, is so precious and vitally important to those that have a real interest in sorting the "reality" from the marketing, both within and outside the industry!

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