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Torn between 2 BPs, thoughts please?

November 25 2006 at 6:04 AM
JAG  (Login johnag007)
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Hello everyone,

Sorry to sound like a newbie, torn between 2 models, the Villeret 5453-3427A, very elegant, slim and easy on my wrist (I have a small wrist), Le Brassus GMT 4276-3442A, which is far chunkier and somewhat less elegant but has more of a "signature", also has the GMT which I would certainly use.

The question is not so much of the looks but the underlying mechanism, of which I know nothing about. I understand most BP are Piguet movements, which is the newer, more advanced, delicate and accurate? Which articles could I read on them?

Would you have pictures of the backs?

Lastly, is there anything other than looks in choosing gold vs platinum (depending on the watch I prefer platinum or rose gold)? What about value of 1 to another in the future, BP retails Le Brassus GMT Platinum at $10.000 more?

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