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Just for those who have interest in my method

September 8 2006 at 12:26 AM

I have put quite a bit of articles on my blog to explain what happened to me. Please read before you have any comment on me.

I have interest to guide those who want to spend some sleeping time to grow taller. Since some people complaining me charging too much, now I make it clear: $18 for one year personal letter response, as long as you want to write, as many questions as you want to ask. Besides, I prefer you to give me a report once every 2-4 weeks about what you feel.

I will keep on digging out all details on what happened to me on my blog to give you more and more clear picture about me and to make you believe you can grow taller by your own effort.

Also, let me know what you want me to write about and I will be happy to do so.

My website: http://zixialinmm.blogspot.com

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Craig Jordan


September 8 2006, 1:24 AM 

I'm curious as too see joey's response on this one......


To Zixialinmm

September 9 2006, 11:02 AM 

Hey I have checked your website and found it quite interesting, You have mentioned things that Im actually practicing like using The power withn un an absolute power to increase the height of my body. I alway feel like my legs are moving forward when I practic hypnosis as If I am growing because I am growing. I would really like to get to know your method a little more what's your email? By the way I am a female 19 5'4 and wishing to achive my dream height 5'9 . THank you


Qi gong

September 9 2006, 12:25 PM 

I practise Qi Gong,standing meditation,"Zhang Zhuang,gives you a strong feeling of awareness of your body and the way your Qi (universal energy) flows,(Chinese medical concept)i must admit these exercise give me a very good relaxed feeling,but any HI,allthough having practised it for some years,no way,but it is possible to achieve HI with other Qigong exercises,
who knows,i won't exclude it.


Re: To Zixialinmm

September 9 2006, 6:38 PM 

My email is zixialinmm@gmail.com Website: http://zixialinmm.blogspot.com/

And please read all of the messages carefully on my blog before you practice, I will put more on in the next few days.

I believe the wish to grow taller is a threshold for us to understand ourself in a much deeper level. And as long as we do keeping on practicing it, we will achieve our goal. That includes you.

Best wishes!


Ban Zixialin

September 9 2006, 11:47 PM 

I think anyone who charges us for anything related to height increased should be banned. I'm tired of Rahul and these others asking us to "pay them" for **** that doesn't need to be charged for all we know could be bogus. Stop taking advantage of us poor souls.



September 10 2006, 12:48 AM 

See Craig, this is kinda what I was talking about....some people are gonna be interested enough to maybe wanna try this, but if we were to delete it now...people would say we weren't being fair.

Years ago, I visited the Far East and I saw a number of amazing things people did with the power of the mind alone....things I could never believe before. Do I go with the idea that it is possible to grow with things such as hypnosis...yeah I do, because some of the credible members say they did. Can I say for a fact that this will work or if this person is legit...I really can't. Usually, I would just say "outright scam, you can't charge money without any credibility or results"

Of course, say what you will about Rahul though guys....but of all the people that didn't grow...they got their money back or he's still working with them...whatever they prefer. Now, honestly...I'm really not that interested or excited, but if so many people start asking about trying this or something....I might just try it before anyone else does just to tell of my experience, but I'd really have to hear something amazing. Is this just someone having fun or is this person really experimenting....I have no clue as of yet, but it seems a lot of work is going into whatever their doing.

As you guys can tell, I've gotten a bit more diplomatic, patient and fair in my "old age".

I will say this though.....I wouldn't advise a whole lot of people trying it at once. If just one person is gonna try it....then just wait on them. At this point though, I'm not interested enough to entertain the thought now.



September 10 2006, 3:22 AM 




September 10 2006, 4:27 AM 

It is justified but also makes ppl suspicious,understandable on this kind of forum.(IMO).



September 10 2006, 5:38 AM 

i agree.... this forum stands against any form of business.... if anyone wants to share his knowlede, experiences and methods ....as a help... for free... then i guess this is the right place


Questions on scams

September 10 2006, 10:34 AM 

It looks suspicious all right.

Im not saying this is a scam or anything but I want to ask if people actually believe in these products and pay for them?

Craig Jordan

I know what you are all thinking

September 10 2006, 3:23 PM 

Your thinking there is a great possiblity that this a scam. Chances are you stomach feeling is right. But questions pop up. Maybe you're thinking "boy this girl is cheeky, she came into a scam free board knowing that they're extremely hated." I would think that too. Someone has obviously got to be crazy to think that just simple exchanging of letters for advice you probably already know or could have extracted out of a free height increase journal. Then again, i'll try to give this lady the benefit of the doubt. Listen.... There are many coaches out there, most notably Roger simmons, Tony Robbins, and other personal trainers. Yes they'll had sucessful lives in it, and some have been the recipient of harsh criticsm by being branded conartists. People need motivation to get them through things because they do not have will power to adhere to a monotonous routine day in and day out. So maybe she did bring good intention to this forum because she is just brazen enough to know they are hated. To be honest with you, however, she offers a proposition that not even the most gullible people can buy into. She seems to not be responding a lot so that is also highly suspicious. If she cared about prospects for her clientele base she would have been importuning us like crazy, but it could be vice versa in the same scenario, regardless she still exudes the presense of a typical scammer. I don't even know how to call this one because she could very well be the answer to all our gripes about our height. First off, i don't care who you are, it is terrible to charge money for an unfounded method. She would still have to conduct trials on people to gain credibility. Second off, the way she talks in her blogspot seemed to be chimerical and way out there, but there have been anecdotes where people have grown off mind power. Its really hard to call, thats why i would be more than happy to give you the admonishment that this very well could be a scammer who is plenty aware of duping capability on the members of this forum. If anything you must press her for answers, until she either gives up and relinquishes this charade of being the HI guru, or she remains adamant in what she says. Please be careful


it is a scam!!!!!

September 10 2006, 4:01 PM 

Daiosm,Taoism,it all are very interesting Eastern life-philosophies,studying them they can be useful in your daily life,Qi Gong is a way to control,harmonize and even increase your qi (flow),it is practised for medical reasons (curing diseases) and also martial artists after years of training are able to perform some amazing things.(controling their Qi).
(for instance the Shaolin munks)
But the way this girl illustrate all this,(read it again carefully),and charging money for it,i am sure it is a scam,if you are succesfull with a certain method why not post it on this forum for free (at least i would)
it is still always the same,ppl who are out for some easy money,i must admit they are very inventive to make their theory plausible,but ladies and gents of this forum please don't fall for this,that would be a pity,again you will loose some money and will not grow a mm.


My explanation here again

September 10 2006, 4:46 PM 

Ok, if you guys read what I wrote before, you would have got my method completely and practice it for free. But you call me many bad names...
I will put all of my knowledge on my blog for free for your guys to read. What I charge is to respond to individual letters for a year,and I predict it is a lot.

Do you call Dr. Laura De Giorgio a scammer? I bought her tapes a few years ago to see how hypnosis did the work. Her tapes were noisy and what she said only reached the beginning of my method on no.6. And she did not even tell you how to use her tapes, no personal support...

Does not matter what you say, I am real and I will do what I think is right. I do not have all day long sitting in front of my computer to write on my blog, but gradually I will put more and more there for you to read. Everyone can grow taller, just like all people get shorter when they are old. You should practice whatever you know to get yourself taller before that hits you again.

My academic background is solid, so if you have any discussion on Taoism, write to me, I will respond you historically and scripturally.



September 10 2006, 6:03 PM 

Okay,one question,is it true that standing meditation a Qi gong exercise
called in Chinese "Zhang Zhuang"practised for a long time results in HI?

Please explain to me the term "Wu Wei",well don't on second thoughts Google will give the answer.


Re: zixia

September 11 2006, 2:27 AM 

When Lao Zi said “wuwei” (no action), he meant two things: things in this world have their own rules (Tao), there is no need for us to take actions in order to make things right. Politically, rulers also should know society has its own rules, so they should not intervene people’s life.

However, however, no action does not mean we do not do anything at all (otherwise, a paralyzed person is the best), it means we have to master the Tao in order to understand nature, people, the society, then we know how to take actions. When the world in their right order, we do not need take actions then. If the world is in chaos, that means we made wrong actions, definitely we have to find out what is wrong and correct it.

The later Taoist religion fully developed many many methods to train a Taoist to understand Tao for their purposes. No action is just an appearance when you see a Taoist, he is diligently practicing the method his master teaches him interiorly. If you say wuwei simply explained as “no action” is the center of Taoism, then we have to ignore the Taoist Canon, where you can find all actions.

You brought a good question, reminding me what I thought when I read Daode Jing the first time. I thought suddenly that I could grow taller. Since everything had its Tao, I can do anything I want in this world, nothing can stop me as long as I found its Tao. Tao can guide me to my goal, myself do not need do anything exteriorly eventually. That Tao is Qi (engergy) with guidance of my mind.


thanks for the answer,it was very instructive and about my other question?

September 11 2006, 5:56 AM 

Thanks for the answer,i allready was interested in Taoism and read something about it but your explanation was indeed was very instructive and now my question about "Zuang Zhuang',practising this and a relation towards HI?
(if there is a relation).


About zhanzhuang

September 11 2006, 11:10 AM 

Sorry missed your question.
I am not sure what HI is. Height increase?
If you say "standing meditation", it should be "zhanzhuang". Zhanzhuang is a way of practice Qigong. It exists in almost all kinds of Qigong practices, such as Hexiang (Crane-fly) Qigong, Xiang (Fragrant) Qigong, Yan Xin Qigong, Zhang Hongbao Qigong, and Falun Gong, etc.
Either standing, sitting, or laying down, practice Qigong (in fact it is another name of meditation) is not fixed on one poise. Multi-way of practices can achieve the best result. But each poise has its own advantages than the others. Standing way is the closest to physical excises, so it relaxes your body and helps the blood circulation. Laying down is for those who practice at night when our body is in the mood to sleep and our mind is in the most quite and alert state. Sitting is in the between. I will mention this point in my explanation of my method soon.



September 11 2006, 2:41 PM 

I will say this much, though at this time noone knows hos genuine you or your results really are, you do seem to have a knowledge of what you're talking about. I mean, when someone pops up out of nowhere and claims to have a method or results....people always think they are some fly by night scammer that will just post and leave....but if you continue to update your site and answer questions...the more people will at least be interested in what you're doing. Noone here really knows what is going on behind anyone's else's computer....and for all we know, you could be completley honest. It's just that people shouldn't/can't make up their minds this quickly. At this time, there really isn't enough info about you or what you're doing to justify people paying....at this point. If you do go ahead with all the updates you say and stick around...people will have a better idea.

That's all I'm saying.

So just stick around, answer questions and let us know more about you, your background and exactly what you're doing. This will make it easier for people to make up their minds.

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zixia,you just want to make some money,read my thread

September 11 2006, 9:48 PM 

Tao cannot be understand by rational thinking only by intuition,i read some more about it from Lao Tzu,now i am beginning to think you are trying to link Height Increase to Eastern Philosophy in this case Taoism,it is a clever strategy i must admit,a person,you should know this as well as i do,really devoted to Taoism would not ask for money or acknowledgement.

Knowing a lot about it also does mean a thing,there's is enough information on Internet you can quote from,take my advice Zixia and back off,you just
want to make some money,if you really understood the Tao of money,it would be indifferent to you and you wouldn't make any attempts to get some,only then it will come to you.(not my wisdom but Lao Tzu's)

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