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November 27 2006 at 11:36 PM

I have been using dr. laura hypnosis tapes for almost 2 months and have gained half an inch. i have gained that half an inch in 2 weeks. after listening to the every tape at night for a week each. i could feel growing pains in my knees a lot of the nights before i went to bed. i now plan to work hard to gain an inch every month until i reach my goal.i visit the site often atleast once every 3 days and would love to answer any questions anyone has had about hypnosis.

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you grew 1/2 inch?... i've been doing it too

November 28 2006, 5:58 PM 

... i've been doing hypnosis too by following other websites' advice & also listening to DeepTrance's CD.. it's been a few weeks already.. I'm determined to stay committed to hypnosis for at least 6 months..

A girl Zixia told me that she grew 4 inches in more than a year.. another guy Desmond said that he grew 0.75 inch in 4 or 5 months (he didn't grow anything within the first 3 months)..

By the way.. please give us your detailed profile including current height, age, ethnicity.. also, is your height permanent and what have u done to prove it?



Re: you grew 1/2 inch?... i've been doing it too

November 28 2006, 9:02 PM 

im white 15 and now 5'9 1/2. i can tell i have grown and it has been permanent because i can now see on top of my refrigerator where before i couldnt. my dad is about 5'4 and my mom 5'6.




November 29 2006, 12:12 PM 

Hi B,

As u may know, the toughest thing about hypnosis is to physically "feel" that ur legs are lengthening.. ppl call it the "realization" stage in which one may successfully grow taller.. please provide some help..
1) are u male/female?
2) do u close ur eyes to hypnotize? do u imagine ur legs lengthening? do u sit or lie down? do u breathe deeply often?
3) how many minutes do u hypnotize daily? how many sessions? do it at bedtime? are u using the basic hypnosis CD from deeptrance which is about 38 minutes in length?
4) almost 95% of ppl who tried hypnosis failed miserably, how'd u manage to grow taller?.. did anyone give u some special insight? .. u must be religious like being christian b/c that's the reason why you've been so successful at this.. right?

thank you!


Re: tips?

November 29 2006, 6:08 PM 

1. I am a male.

2. i completley close my eyes when in my hypnotic session unless dr. laura tells me to open them ( i use then ones from deeptrancenow ). i try to listen and follow the cds as best as i can but my mind does wander and sometimes i would get so deep i would come out of the trance later and not remember what happened. when dr.laura tells my to imgaine my body growing and to be as tall as i desire i imagine energy ( dr. laura says that this energy is infinite, intelligent, and makes up the universe )coming into my body and filling it up to the point where my body must grow in order to hold the energy. so i imagine my whole body growing. when i do a session i lie down on my bed and get comfortable and lie still through the whole session. i keep my eyes close unless she tells me to open them. you should find out what is comfortable with you and what can help you concentarte best. i did this through experimenting and for me it is best if i lie down on me bed with no covers no pillow and minimum clothes on. saty still through the whole session because that quiets down you body and helps you to concentrate better. i only breathe deep when dr. laura tells me to.

3. i listen to 1 of the 6 hypnotic tapes from deeptrancenow.com once at night for a week then move on to the next tape. i only do it at night because i try to sleep as long as i can and dont have time in the morning.

4. hypnosis will grow you taller its only a matter of time. people vary because of thier beliefs. doubting a lot will slow down the process if all you do is say reasons why you cant grow taller or saying you never will then you wont. there is a lot of evidence behind hypnosis but a lot of scientists or people around the internet say that it is a scam because that has what they have been taught for there whole life. they were taught since they were a kid that you body has growth plates and once they close you can grow taller. now what if those kids were taught that they could grow to be as tall as they want things would be different. people do grow even when they are told they cant and when they do a doctor or scientists would say that it rare or they are lucky. i am a christian and was thinking baout genetics and thought if adam and eve were the first two humans and we are all offsprings of them then we all have the same genes. even if you believe in evolution you could go all the way back to say the first monkey and everyone must be related to him if he was the first. quantum theory is that if you magnify anthing enough 99.9% of it is nothing. now for another tip your body is made of cells and these cells are intelligent they make up your bones and your most bones renew every year and how do they know where to go and what to make your body look like it is because of your subconcious mind. now if your subconcious mind had a picture of you at the height you wanted it would send it to the cells and make you that height. thats why the easiest way to grow taller is by acting and believing that you are already as tall as you want because you subconcious can not tell between what is real and what is fantasy so you can believe you are as tall as you want and then you subconious will believe you. also when you have doubts about growing taller (at the begining) it is fine because this is a clearing process the more you do the hypnosis the deeper it goes into your subconious and the more it believes.

If you have anymore questions please ask them.



November 29 2006, 8:19 PM 

woow man you grew with hypnosis so inspirational. I purchased her Cd's 2 years ago and followed maybe for 2 weeks and gave up, because there were times when I felt i was getting shorter instead of taller,, this is unbelievable so it really works.how wonderful...



my last question

November 29 2006, 9:52 PM 


U said that u have 1 of the 6 hypnotic tapes from DeepTrance?.. so u bought 6 tapes altogether? how much did it cost u? .. i only have 1 basic Grow Taller CD from DeepTrance.. would u advise that it might be beneficial if I go ahead & spend more $$ to get more CDs from Dr. Laura?

Lastly, would u promise to keep us posted of your 1 inch growth?.. Since we're not always hanging around this forum.. is there a time-frame that we can expect when u'd come back here again to report the 1-inch update?

thanks a mil!


Re: my last question

November 29 2006, 11:42 PM 

I have 6 cds from deeptrance.com. the basic is like a sample of what is in the other cds. the other ones go into a lot more detail. i do recomend to get all 6 if you can but the basic will still work. i plan to measure monthly for my gains and will post my results. if you have any other questions post them.


how wonderful

December 10 2006, 10:48 AM 

how wonderful


ehy man

December 12 2006, 11:41 AM 

i've tried hypnosis for a while but have a problem concentrating... sometimes i feel like my thoughts are wandering, sometimes i can't really get into a trance... so i'm asking you... what do you feel when you enter a hypnotic trance and stay focused on what your doing?
and also.. you said you listened to the tapes for 2 months but grew in about 2 weeks... so how do you know that? is that because you measured weekly? thanks


hypnosis tracks

December 13 2006, 3:55 PM 

i know the tracks been posted in rapidshare long time ago. I had to format my PC and lost all my resources. So if anyone would be kind enough to upload or direct me to the hypnosis tracks, that would be appriciatable. thx


Response to ehy man

December 13 2006, 5:41 PM 

Concentrating on the hypnosis tapes is very difficult. i still cant concentrate the whole time. It varys from day to day somedays ill feel like i have good sessions and some days ill just fall asleep. whenever a thought enters your mind that is not susposed to i say "thank you come again later" that works for me. to concentrate better i get as comfortable as i can and whenever dr.laura says something i repeat it in my mind. sometimes i get so deep in a trance i dont remeber but when i do i cant feel my body and it is very easy to concentrate. i listened to the tapes for 2 months then i could feel like i could grow now and decided in my mind i will grow 1/2 inch in 2 weeks and by the end of the 2 weeks i did.

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hypnosis update

December 30 2006, 12:12 PM 

I'm back to give yall my update. i have grown a centimeter since i last measured. I have had a hard time focusing on the tapes and a hard time sleeping. it is the winter break so i've been on a different schedule. if you have any questions ask them.



December 30 2006, 12:23 PM 

i came to tell yall about something i found. its called brainwave entrainment. and what it is is it uses frequincies and beats to go into a desired state. there is alot of scientific proof. just look it up on google or any search website. There are ones for human growth hormone release and bone growth. i recomend going to www.bwgen.com to learn about brainwaves and download there brainwave generator. it comes with a lot of there own made brainwaves presets but people also post there own on the website. you will have to pay to be able to import the posted frequinces ( or download a crack which is very simple and i will help you out with that if you need help). if its confusing just visit www.bwgen.com and read more about it. if you have any questions ask them

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January 1 2007, 7:26 AM 

I visited the site you're talking about and downloaded from the preset library-treatment/healing the preset human growth hormone, but I don't know what program I need to listen to it. Any suggestions ? Thanks.

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wish you all a very happy new year and stay healthy

January 1 2007, 9:29 AM 

Posting this thread with a %$#$% hangover.


Re: RE:

January 1 2007, 10:21 AM 

go here http://www.bwgen.com/download.htm its on there website in the download section. download it and then you have to download a crack for it if you dont wanna pay. then you import The HGH track to the brainwave generator. then you can listen to it on there or play it into a wav file so you can burn it to a cd. I'm working on making a bone growth and a few other tracks. it may be a little confusing so just ask questions if you need help.



January 1 2007, 2:12 PM 

They have two: which one should I download? One other thing: I don't wanna pay, so I'm supposed to download a crack? What's that?
Thanks for your help.

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Re: hypnosis

January 3 2007, 10:28 PM 

i would like some help on the crack, i got the generator for some time now , just couldn't figure out how to make it work.

email it to me if you could afffanculo@yahoo.com, thanks B


a question

May 14 2007, 4:39 AM 

Hi is there a way to get those CDs without paying? I don't have a credit card so I cant get it. My parents don't believe in stuff like this so they wont get it for me. If you can could you send it to me in mp3. thanks

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