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Bobby Valentine 1 Timothy 2 Silencing Women John Mark Hicks for Lipscomb University:

March 25 2009 at 7:51 PM
Ken Sublett 
from IP address

Bobby Valentine 1 Timothy 2 Silencing Women in Worship also silences Bobby Valentine.

John.Mark.Hicks Index This is a working list of links to reviews of John Mark Hicks teachings. He gives himself the right to change the "reading" and use theology over the text. That makes it easy and "scholarly" to look at the TEXT as something to be PREACHED by being READ in the assembly and not something God provided as fodder for "doctors of the Law" to take away the key to knowledge. I will organize this list in time..

Hicks misses the point in giving his divine permission for women to "pray and prophesy" in the public assembly. Paul silenced men who WAVE unholy arms to bring on WRATH or ORGY which is the singing, clapping and gyrating in the presence of Jesus Christ who comes as our ONLY teacher.

The REASON for silencing the women and effeminate (Emasculated concision in Galatians 5) males is so that everyone can COME TO A KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH. Assuredly no performing woman encouraged to make a spectacle of herself is going to be a PROPHET.

John Mark Hicks (the Lipscomb pattern) claims that Alexander Campbell taught that a Holy Spirit person does all of the work and leads us to baptism as just a figure of what the Spirit has already done.

"Hence "THE RENEWING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT," is a phrase that denotes the influence of the Holy Spirit, exerted on the whole soul of man; and implies a death unto sin, and a new life unto righteousness . . . Which leads the subject on his gracious work to submit to 'be buried with Christ' . . . The outward rite [i.e. baptism], then must bear an analogy to the doctrine exhibited in and by it. Hence immersion in water is a beautiful and striking representation of our faith in the death and burial of Christ" [5].

This "outward rite," according to Campbell in 1820, is a "representation" of a reality that has already been accomplished by the Holy Spirit.

This is Ditto Headed by Bobby Valentine showing the expansion of Lipscomb's pattern.

A fuller review of:

These men follow the sermonizing practice of looking up words or phrases which support their thesis. In doing so they fail the test of "teaching that which has been taught."
Each proof text in fact repudiates the false claim that Jesus participated in the Jewish festivals and the took the occasion to give them a spiritual twist.

John Mark Hicks continues his neo-pagan view of the godhead as THREE people able to communicate, eat and dance the dirty dance defined for David.

A Gathered People: Revisioning the Assembly as Transforming Encounter by John Mark Hicks, Johnny Melton and Bobby Valentine. These people really lust to drag you back under the sacrificial system which was the worship of the starry host to which God abandoned them because of musical idolatry at Mount Sinai. Lipscomb University is in real trouble. John Mark does not grasp that one interprets Scripture the way one is instructed to do. However, Peter's "private interpretation" means further expounding. The Scriptures are left as out only resource and the ekklesia is a synagogue or school of the Bible and not a worship center. He thinks that his way is the right way: all recorded history disagrees with this end time post-modern view.

Where have we gone astray? How can we recapture the wonder of worship that ancient Israel and Jesus had when they worshiped? The purpose of this article, partly an excerpt from our new book, is to revision the ancient ways of assembly in Israel, Christ, and the church that will help shape our assemblies today.

As you can grasp, the REvision is the OLD faded vision of Irael being abandoned the worship the starry host. The use of the Law of Moses as a new PATTERNISM is certainly well promoted by once-Christian colleges and "workshops" promoting truly infantile and destructive legalism.

Worship is certainly the rage these days. There are major worship conferences every year. Popular Christian artists are producing worship CDs. Dozens of books and hundreds of articles are dedicated to all aspects of worship. In many ways this is as it should bethe church should be passionate about worshipping the God of glory.

Yet, the assembly is a sacramental encounter with God. It is an edifying, enriching mediation and enjoyment of the gracious presence of the Triune God. The uniqueness of the assembly is its sacramental characterGod does something for us.
We hope to offer a more holistic approach to worship that values both the lives poured out before God as sacrificial offerings but also the sacramental reality of Gods presence among those gathered in his name.

Jesus attends the three major feasts prescribed by the Torah. Israels worship assemblies provide an interpretive lens for understanding the identity and mission of the Messiah. Jesus habitually made the pilgrimage to Jerusalem for the Passover (The Gospel of John draws extensively on Israels liturgical calendar and Jesus habitual attendance at these worship gatherings. In John 5-10John 2:13, 23; 11:55). Jesus himself is the Passover lamb and thus the fulfillment of Israels foundational festival.

Yes, but only to declare that the Babylonian or perverted festivals were being shut down. None of these were the WORSHIP SERVICES of the Jewish people. And the only WEEKLY assembly for the SPIRITUAL PEOPLE was the synagogue commanded by Christ as the church in the Wilderness. It was to READ and understand the Word of God--only.

John assures me that he hopes he makes money: I do too.

This message has been edited by Ken.Sublett from IP address on Nov 29, 2014 11:31 AM

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Stephen McBroom

Let those with ears hear!

March 26 2009, 1:19 PM 

Matthew 18:15-20

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Donnie Cruz

Re: Let those with ears hear!

March 26 2009, 7:54 PM 


I agree with you on the scripture reference provided.

It is a problem, though, when we put the blame on the messenger -- the brotherhood needs to know about the imminent danger the church will be facing.

The revisionists are the guilty ones in this situation. The church does not need restructuring. Why would anyone or ones who claim to be members of the body of Christ even begin to transform or change the church and modify or improve upon God's directives for His church?

So, here's to clarify that the one who is issuing the warning should be paid attention to because he is not the guilty party here. Besides, if he were the guilty one, who would cover the travel expenses of the one issuing the warning to go see the individuals of the other party -- of John Mark Hicks & Co.?

No, Stephen, the church has already encountered major problems in the last decade or two. And it has already suffered where a few congregations have reached a point of no return.

Should we just stand there and do nothing?

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Going About It

March 27 2009, 12:33 PM 

In your heart you feel you need to make such judgements and warnings and that is ok. However, the scriptures tell us that this here what you are doing is nothing more than gossip. You want to make a change get from behind the screen and go in brotherly love with another and make your case, in brotherly love. Also don't say they wouldn't listen because you have not really tried. God's purpose for that verse is to stop gossip head on, because we all now that we in the church love nothing more than gossip. That is why that verse is relevant for everything that is going on in this site. God Bless.

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What to do...

March 27 2009, 3:33 PM 

Now I don't agree with some that you say, I grew up in a conservative church and through my own personal studies I have changed my view on certain issues. But that is another topic for another day. But, if you feel this way about these churches, then maybe this should be your misson work. Churches fund missonaries to go to other countries, why not other churches. God said go into the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. So Go! Quit making up excuses and go. Get donations and make a plan and go with another and be heard. That is what I would do. Gossip never changed anything. That is why God said Go. He didn't rely on rumors to spread the gospel he relyed on MEN!

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Donnie take heart

June 11 2009, 5:58 PM 

Donnie you are doing a great missonary work going to these churches and teaching. Just remember that its your job to deliver, not to make them accept it. Some will hear and recieve but most hear it and file it away and sometimes after they hear it from different sources they finally get it.
So take heart you are doing a great job.

I know you will agree
To God be the Glory
Joe McKnight

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Ken Sublett

To Bible students at LU (etal)

August 27 2010, 8:22 PM 

I have reviewed some of the class material by John Mark Hicks. I might prove helpful that I have added the actual text to make the evaluation more Biblical. You may have to fake it if you want a passing grade.

John Mark Hicks: Rules replaced by Spiritism?

My post attributing the neo-trinitarianism or tritheism at Lipscomb to H. Leo Boles needs ammending to include Harding's earlier push to make the bodily indwelling of a separate Spirit person the credo of churches of Christ in the S.E.

The Grace - Spirit Harding patternism

John Mark favorably reviews the Nashville as opposed to the Texas patternism which includes premillenialism still rampant along with other false teachings.

Holy Spirit Presence of the Coming Age.

This will confirm Jesus who said that "doctors of the law take away the key to knowledge." John Mark follows the theological patternism of looking up references in a topical index and then fabricating a theology to match. Almost universally you will discover that the Bible contradicts them and makes their teaching answer to John's definition of anti-christ.

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