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Judas Prophesied: at First Advent: at Second Advent

September 24 2011 at 11:15 AM
Ken Sublett 
from IP address

People who think that God ever associated music with His ekklesia or synagogue as a School of the Word only have simply never read and never need to read and maybe cannot read the story line of the Jewish people and their "covenant with death." Don't go there.

My bet is that the trumpet-like voice of Jesus would sound while all of the Judas Church is engaged in musical idolatry: they claim to be LIGHTING THE FIRES already.

[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]

Next, I will show you that the Judas Bag and the SOP (root for psallo) shows the blasphemy of mocking Jesus with the "vocal and instrumental rejoicing" as well as rhetorical (sissy) outlawed for the Church in the wilderness and left as a "Way of Escape" for the Godly people even as the Levites engaged in SOOTHYING with INSTRUMENTAL ACCOMPANIMENT to keep the godly people away from the curse of animal slaughter as Rick Atchley, etal PATTERNISM.

Then I will show you how Rick Atchley etal BOAST about pulling the Judas Movement on unsuspecting churches.

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Brian Cade

Re: Judas Prophesied: at First Advent: at Second Advent

February 9 2012, 11:51 AM 

Tou really need to stop engaging in ad hominum argument. It's unworthy of a Christian.

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Ken Sublett

It IS about persons!

February 9 2012, 2:21 PM 

People who sat out with the NACC to restructure ALL churches of Christ had ONLY their persona and reputation which was SELF-MADE by a circle of similar people purposed as one ACUer noted "to exercise PROPHETIC roles to train advanced degrees to go out and FACILITATE need change. Without any exception these people prove that they as doctors of the law they are doomed to try to "take away the key to knowledge."

All of the massive discord with very tiny results have been FOUNDED on the Names of a few men who have the abilility to tell a large congregation that GOOD COMMANDED INSTRUMENTAL PRAISE and they would be DISOBEDIENT if they questioned the leadership.

When Max Lucado had a VISION (which was the NACC white paper used by Chris Seidman) and was told to take CHRIST off the public confession and ADD instrumental music the OTHERS went into a ditter working for a decade or more to lie to their congregation about ALL of the Word and historic scholarshi. THE MAN may be the man of sin.

Be careful that you do not use that list of ATTACK terms seeking to take the power out of the Word of God.

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Brian Cade

Logic 101

February 9 2012, 4:56 PM 

Ad hominum occurs when you attack the man rather than the argument. You need to refrain from doing so; it is unworthy of a Christian.

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