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Why your Church is NOT an Ekklesia or Church of Christ

December 11 2012 at 5:45 PM
Ken Sublett 
from IP address

Would it be considered instrumental music since it sounds like a horn?

Would it be considered incense or a sweet smelling aroma?

Because there is no approved example, direct command, or necessary inference that Paul ever farted in an assembly, would that make it wrong?

I believe that the Bible authorizes farting.

Ken...what is your feelings on this topic?

Those who attempted to restructure churches of Christ in the image of the NACC handlers have had minimal effect. This began with the Jubilee movement by Rubel Shelly. The attempt first and always denies the Biblical claim to be the only authority for faith and practice in the Kingdom of God which is IN us and therefore worship is IN THE PLACE of the human spirit made into A holy spirit only by request by obedience in Baptism.

That is why those who corrupt the Word or "sell learning at wholesale" are defacto strongly deluded: the MARK is lying wonders which is all of the performing arts and crafts AIMED at the body or carnal nature and not to the Spirit.

A new effort has begun with Mike Cope moving to Pepperdine to begin diverting the young preachers who have no foundation in the bible in the first place: that is why God insisted beginning with the Church of Christ (the Rock) in the wilderness. The assembly has a one-piece pattern which was to PREACH the word by READING the Word. It comes as no surprise that people assume a ROLE for which there is no DOLE wish to get as many others fleecing the widow's purse as possible. Jesus called them the Scribe and Pharisees, hypocrites. In the Ezekiel 33 pattern Christ names self-preachers, singers and instrument players.

At ACU Ken Cukrowski has picked up the gauntlet after such a miserable failure beginning in about 1984 with NACC handlers.

Because they have no interest in understanding the meaning of WOMEN PROPHESIERS they do not know and do not need to know that they are promoting the WRATH or ORGIES Paul tried to prevent. Because Paul claims to be guided by Jesus Christ now The Holy Spirit and those who USE women claim that is not true then Christ in Jeremiah 23 calls that blaspheming the Holy Spirit OF Christ. They don't even know what is a preposition

Some Spiritual Affliction as promised just on time.

God hates musical worship in the Temple and God hates people who sow discord. Since corrupting the Word means "selling learning at wholesale or adultery" and since there is no ROLE and no DOLE for those who "seek their own pleasure and speak their own Words" (Christ in Isaiah 58) one suspects that God hates mercinary preachers and CERTAINLY hates doctors of the law "who take away the key to knowledge."

See Ken Cukrowski Women in Ministry at ACU

See Ken Cukrowski claiming that the old and new testaments authorizes women prophets. Maybe "covered"

Mike Cope A Cappella Music

Mike Cope Women Worship Leaders

Another good soul whose church life was destroyed went on to a better place after deserting the Hohenwald Church.

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Ken Sublett

Re: Is Farting in a church of Christ building wrong?

December 13 2012, 1:49 PM 

That might be a bit dangerous. You do know that the BEASTS (a new style of music or drama) finally had to bow and NOT play their harps.

The MARK was that when you hear those SOUNDS LIKE all connected to creating PANIC, the angel to those STILL LIVING was to preach the gospel. Since music is EXCLUDED from the kingdom for we who grew up in the fast ones of the slow group in card class, we can read black text on brown paper where Jesus HID truth from the foundation of the world in parables. Hid it in PLAIN sight and that was good enough to those who just make up their songs and sermons. Jesus said that God HIDES from the wise or sophists (rhetoricians, singers, instrument players or actors) which probably includes men playing the role of "elders" more APT to chase a coon than APT to teach that which HAS BEEN TAUGHT.

The TRUMPET sounds are the WARNING for true disciples (don't do worship ceremonials) that TIME IS SHORT or already past. If you are engaged in a trumpet quartet (and you will be) or a virtual trumpet quartet, you man not (HAVE NOT?) already heard the sound. The problem with a Farting Band is that you may have already not heard the TRUMPET or the SMELL of burning people already cast alive into the lake of Fire. Risky at best

It is not reasonable that even Bible-based instrumental churches of all of the denominations (the instrumental churches of christ) that it was pure accident that SUDDENLY and DASTARDLY they were all invaded by professional musicians and preachers trained as ACTORS (hypocrites) at the same time.

It sounds like something of BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS especially since the gay musicians said that CHURCH was their next target and recorded history--Christ in Isaiah 3--told us to watch for the invasion of WOMEN (whatever sex) and BOYS which defines the EFFEMINATE. A real male, says history, could not fall into public singing and playing unless he was drunk, perverted or just having fun.

We recognized the way of escape: that is why the Musical Worship Team frog boilers cause up to half of the owners to FLEE because the MARK is God-created.

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Ken Sublett

Re: Is Farting in a church of Christ building wrong?

December 13 2012, 1:53 PM 

[linked image]

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Ken Sublett

Re: Is Farting in a church of Christ building wrong?

December 14 2012, 11:09 AM 

Anonymous translate Annie-Mouse, would that you would come out of hiding. You might be able to refute the absolute fact that:

There is no command, example or remote inference that ANY of God's people ever engaged in congregational singing with or without instruments (machines for doing HARD WORK, making war).

Oops! Some of the people probably Jacob-Cursed and God-abandoned rose up to PLAY at Mount Sinai. Moses said "it is singing that I hear." He broke the tablets which were NEVER restored in the same form. PLAY which no Phd grasps was to sing, play instruments, and play with one another: sorry you missed Exodus etal and Acts 7.

For that without-redemption (musical worship of a trinity) God sentenced them to beyond Babylon. The Levites executed 3000 of their "brethren" and maybe "sistern"and God commanded that they STAND IN RANKS to make noise and EXECUTE any godly person or Levite not on duty who came NEAR any holy thing or into any holy (set aside, quarantined) house.

In the Affirmative God in Christ (the Rock) limited the Qahal, synagogue, ekklesia, church to:

INCLUSIVE Rest, Reading and Rehearsing the Word
EXCLUSIVE of vocal or instrumental rejoicing or elevated rhetoric as the mark of the effeminate or worse.

The Campbells sought to define church in the PATTERN beginning in the wilderness;

CHURCH is A School of Christ
WORSHIP is Reading and Musing the Word of God (only)

They MUST have been Bible Readers not required by the sowers of discord.

[linked image]

It would have been UNGODLY for a SERVING God to call people out of their REST just so they could pontificate and musicate pretending to DO STUFF for God.

INSTRUMENTS are radically condemned especially in the Prophets by the Spirit OF (preposition) Christ and the Civil-Military-Clergy complex He calls robbers and parasites.

It is impossible to be a Disciple of Christ or a casual reader with ethics NOT to PREACH the Word by READING the Word (only) and rising above Simple Simon or Silly Sally and DEFINE WORDS.

Jesus said "doctors of the law take away the key to knowledge." and defined the Scribes and Pharisees as HYPOCRITES. The Ezekiel 33 example (sorry you missed the prophets getting your Phd) NAMES NAMES: entertainment preachers, sweet singers and talented instrument players.

I warn you against ALL of the Suddenly-Seeking-Sallys: there is NO SILENCE but God HIDES from the Wise or Sophists meaning speakers, singers or instrument players.

The text speaks in plain words (yet parables says Jesus to HID from the professional misleaders).

This is a small band of gay troubadours traveling far and wide using their phony scholarship to LEAD YOU INTO ERROR. There is not a SINGLE one will respond to The Spirit OF Christ saying that they are liars and blasphemers meaning to say that God commanded something when God says CLEARLY that He did not command king, kingdom, temple, sacrifices or the Levites performing as Soothsayers (interchangeable with Sorcery in Revelation 18 to be cast alive into the lake of fire."

They know that their TIME IS SHORT and that is why such a violent attack against the godly Bible literate.

You won't defend your mockery either because you can fool most of the people most of the time and Paul said in effect "fools love to be fooled." Rhetoric, singing and Instrument playing is the CARNAL WEAPONS of Those the Bible and recorded history identifies for Witches, Enchanters, Sorcerers.

Don't worry: Many (most) are called (invited) but FEW (a puny number) are CHOSEN which means they are tested by fire and obedience. Jesus did not or will not even PRAY for the world order or Kosmos

Next, I will define the KOSMOS and the KOSMOKRATOR which cannot be WRESTLED with musical weapons.

Don't worry, I think when people pretend to be DOCTORS OF THE LAW and in fact TAKE AWAY THE KEY TO KNOWLEDGE, the instrumental sounds are MARKS in sounds of JUDGMENT (Rev 14; Isaiah 3) that Jesus has been there (as in Amos) and WILL NOT PASS BY AGAIN. The SOP (psao) as the root of PSALLO was the MARK flashed on Judas to cause Satan to come into him and, having failed, go hang himself and twist in the wind until he rotted and splashed on the ground.

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Re: Is Farting in a church of Christ building wrong?

December 14 2012, 2:11 PM 

1. People who CLAIM that God commanded "instrumental praise" (Rick Atchley etal).

2. And God did NOT command instrumental praise as music.

3. Then Rick and all of the "progressives" are defined by Christ (in the prophets and not by the lying pen of the Scribes) as BLASPHEMING the Holy Spirit OF (a preposition never a people)

1. If they say that God did NOT connect instrumental sounds (attacks the very nature of matter) to the Devil.

2. And the Spirit OF Christ called Lucifer incarnate "the singing and harp playing prostitute" in the garden of Eden.

3. Then the DISCORDERS are engaged in prostitution (all historic musicians) which Paul calls CORRUPTING the Word meaninging "Selling Learning at wholesale."

ALL of the instrumental noise is the MARK in sight and sound of God driving His enemies into hell. That's what John said in Revelation 17f.

I will not hold my breath waiting for ANY "scholar" selling learning or the "free water of the Word" to play manhood and give a reason for any hope they have. Surely, if you put on a drama (defines role of hypocrite) debating the Law of Silence with CHAIRS, you could dare to answer a very old person not of the clergyhood.

[linked image]

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Re: Is Farting in a church of Christ building wrong?

December 25 2012, 11:26 AM 


Rick Atchley is an old Fart with an unusual aroma. Would you consider him wrong?

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Ken Sublett

Re: Is Farting in a church of Christ building wrong?

December 27 2012, 5:50 PM 

There is no reason that any person who has "gone through" any once Christian college or preacher school should know anything about the Prophets and Apostles upon which a Church of Christ (School of the Word) is built or educated.

There is no reason that they should know that Jacob cursed the Levites and warned us NOT to enter into covenant with them or attend their assemblies.

There is no reason for them to know that it was because of the musical idolatry or the egyptian (etal) trinity that God removed the ONLY spiritual covenant God in Christ made with Abraham.

That God gave them The Book of The Law to regulate them until God gave them kings in His anger to carry out the captivity and death sentence BEYOND babylon which meant no redemption

That God's COMMAND was for the Levites to stand in ranks and EXECUTE anyone who came near the NOT commanded but imposed king, kingdom, temple, animal sacrifices or the Levites performing as SOOTHSAYERS or SORCERERS with the instruments commanded ONLY by David.

They do not know that Christ (the Rock) ordained the Qahal, synagogue or Church of Christ in the wilderness.

Or that it was INCLUSIVE of Rest (from sabbath worship), reading and rehearsing the Word of God.

Or that it was EXCLUSIVE of vocal or instrumental rejoicing which includes rhetorical styles: Jesus will point to Isaiah and Ezekiel to identify the Scribes and Pharisees as HYPOCRITES meaning speakers, singers or instrument players.

The do not know that the PATTERNISM of the Levites burning GOATS is NOT related to the Church of Christ because the Spirit of Christ repudiated 100% of the monarchy (set a senior pastor over us) and identified the mediating clergy robbers and parasites. In fact sacrificial musicians in the Greek (Egyptian, Jewish) were called PARASITES. The heretic or sectarian was the sacrificial priest who "lifted them up to cut the throats" of the lambs made dumb with instrumental noise before the slaugher.

The do not know that Christ defined His future rest both inclusively and exclusively. That pattern ALWAYS gives the elders to shut down the cunning crafty sophists (speakers, singers, players) to enable the church to fulfill the PATTERN of using one mind and one mouth to teach that which is written for our learning: the Lord's Supper is a teaching visual aid: if you remember that Jesus died then you know that Jesus paid it all and that will AUTOMATICALLY silence self-speak in song or sermon.

The Holy Spirit OF Christ inspired the prophets. Jesus of Nazareth whom God MADE TO BE both Lord and Christ made the prophecies more certain. Peter said that the apostles as eye-- and ear--witnesses would leave their memory (in parts). Thereafter, nothing is of private interpretation or further expounding: Peter notes that would mark a false teacher and repudiate Jesus Christ who finished the teaching cycle. That teaching does not have any statute of limitations as proven by the CENI of the great commission.

Preachers tread in dangerous fields especially since cuckold by the NACC which was birthed trying to force instruments onto people who never in recorded history thought of machines to replace the Word of Christ

[linked image]

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Re: Is Farting in a church of Christ building wrong?

December 31 2012, 12:53 PM 


You are not answering my question. Can I scripturally fart in a church of Christ building?

If not, why not.

I once farted while serving the Lord's supper and it brought laughter from those in the pews. I went forward because I have a house that I live in and I didn't fart at home (1 Corinthians 11).

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Ken Sublett

Re: Is Farting in a church of Christ building wrong?

December 31 2012, 7:54 PM 

I would give you a pretty good chance. That's better than the Israelites at Mount Sinai. It was because of musical idolatry that God sentenced the people to BEYOND BABYLON: that is understood to be "too far to return."

The Spirit of Christ affirmed this:

Paul said that this was an example or PATTERN that we should not engage in demon worship. If Paul said that we should not EAT with and for DEMONS you would think that ONE scholar or scholarette would ask "What means rise up to PLAY?" Just one out of ALL.

At the same time you can tickle their pleasure centers performing SORCERY with instruments just like the Jacob-abandoned, God-cursed and Atchley-approved Levites. I told you that when you tamper with the Word you do not have control over your delusions. I suspect that most of the spectators are giggling about the testesterone-free zone which smells so badly that up to half of Rick's flock fled.

[linked image]
[linked image]

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Ken Sublett

Re: Is Farting in a church of Christ building wrong?

January 2 2013, 7:56 PM 

Check at the TOP for some of the links to the strong delusions bringing us lying wonders meaning performance religious operations.

The kingdom does not come with OBSERVATION since Worship is IN THE PLACE of the Spirit and NOT in TEMPLES built by human's hands and the Widow's food money.

Jesus said that the sons of the Devil speak on their own: who do YOU think is puking in the holy places?

Jesus told you NOT to go out and you do it anyway: MANY (most) are called but FEW are chosen: chosen means picked out because of their ability to follow simple commands from God. So the blind builders of mega churches build the ditches (Pit or hell) and the blind just fall into it with no sympathy from God.

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Ken Sublett

The sad story of UNITY: we take EVERYONE'S money

January 3 2013, 11:23 AM 

It is a historical fact that when you make a people into slaves, the slaves DEFINE your culture.

No one in history failed to understand that self-composed and performed rhetoric, singing and playing in the name of a god (demon) was IDOLATRY. If you give your ATTENDANCE to anything other than the Word then you are an idolater and "having sex with the spirits" is confessed to be the ACT just before the ACT of "giving of substance. In the words of Paul and me, "Fools LOVE to be fooled." happy.gif

Churchy type singing came out of black America: when the masters silenced the drumming meeting, the slaves became Methodists and substituted polyrhythmic hand clapping (body-druming still the primitive drumming on)

See the Voodoo connection with "revival" songs with hand-clapping or "drumming." It derives from Jazz and Rock and Roll an explicit effort to make the spirits come.

Gospel Music as Christian worship music

"A form of black American music derived from church worship services and from spiritual and blues singing. Gospel music spread through song publishing, concerts, recordings, and radio and television broadcasts of religious services from the Great Depression days of the 1930s.

The immediate impetus for gospel music seems to have been

the rise of Pentecostal churches at the end of the 19th century.

Pentecostal shouting is related to speaking in tongues and to circle dances of African origin.

The Stoneites or Christians early on introduced the SHOUTING METHODISTS as an act of worship. That attracted people who wanted instruments.

Recordings of Pentecostal preachers' sermons were immensely popular among American blacks in the 1920s, and recordings of them along with their choral and instrumental accompaniment and congregational participation persisted,

so that ultimately gospel reached the white audience as well.

The voice of the black gospel preacher was affected by black secular performers, and vice versa.

Taking the scriptural direction "Let everything that breathes praise the Lord" (Psalms, 150), Pentecostal churches welcomed timbrels, pianos, organs, banjos, guitars, other stringed instruments, and some brass into their services.

Choirs often featured the extremes of female vocal range in antiphonal counterpoint with the preacher's sermon. Improvised recitative passages, melismatic singing, and extravagant expressivity also characterize gospel music. (See Pentecostalism.)

Other forms of gospel music have included the singing and acoustic guitar playing of itinerant street preachers; individual secular performers, sometimes accompanied by bands; and harmonizing male quartets, usually singing a cappella, whose acts included dance routines and stylized costumes.

Black music helped destroy the Black Family and a CHURCH NEAR YOU has absorbed it in their ears 24/7 and are COMPELLED to answer NO when Jesus asks "could you not tarry with me for one hour?" No, no, no!

John told you that it was sorcery or witchcraft and that witches are cast alive into the lake of fire. Yes, Yes, Yes pleads the ACU workshops CALL for God's Holy Fire.

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Ken Sublett

Re: The sad story of UNITY: we take EVERYONE'S money

January 14 2013, 5:04 PM 

We have noted that when David performed his naked whirling dance, history records that this kind of musical performance and dancing was "Males performing the roles of women."

55. In a paper entitled "The Metrics of Statius' Silvae," given at a Statius seminar in Trinity College, Dublin, 1998, McKeown shows how post-Virgilian poets avoid the hiatus, the correptions and the hypermetric lines in the Virgilian passages which they imitate.

56. The inclusion of more female voices can be illustrated with examples like the Thebaid of Statius, which contains 1045 lines of direct speech by female speakers as opposed to 380 in Virgil's Aeneid. Statius, who writes after the Neronian age, is still relevant to the developments in Persius' time because of the attested popularity of the Thebaid (see next section).

The trend towards the inclusion of more female voices clashes with the fictional and one dimensional men-only-and-arms-only image of epic.

Transvestitism even in the literal sense invades the subject matter of epic. Epic poets adopt themes that allow them to participate in the process of exploring the mobility of gender boundaries.

Statius writes an Achilleis which deals with the adventures of Achilles disguised as a woman on Scyros. The poet does not follow a private whimsy in choosing such a subject,

but responds to a well-attested trend in taste. The reversal of gender roles was a popular motif in the first century--we find representations of Achilles in Scyros in the Domus Aurea and in works of art from Pompeii (Croisille [1982] 105).

No one will find any recorded history which will refute the thesis that when the male-acting-female worship teams added more women you KNOW that the Spirit OF Christ knew what He was saying (even if no scholar has read) that a point of decay happens when women and boys (effeminate) rule over you.

You may not know but it was absolute history and VINEYARD PROMOTED that the "worship team" has the goal of creating in you a SEXUAL-LIKE CLIMACTIC EXPERIENCE--just before final ACT of "giving of substance." So, why should real men tolerate it and especially let themselves be USED as vehicles of the Worship Teams?

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