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Differences between English version and Japanese version

November 20 2004 at 5:04 PM
VEGA  (Login kuugosonn)

I'v seen throughout this site.
It is very interesting and surprised me by it's full contents.

I noticed That English version of Monkey is quite different
from Japanese version when I read contents of this site.
(I'v not seen English version at yet.)

Dialogs and nalations were changed considererbly.
Especially naletions are different completely, including opening
In Japanese version, I rememver the narrator has never told
Budda's words and Budda's philosophy at all.
I think parhaps the nalations of English version was made up by
David Weir. They are his original products.

Some episodes in English version look different storys of the
same episodes in Japanese version because the dialogs and
nalations are so different.

For example, "Even Monsters Can Be People" (Season 1, Episode 6)
in Japanese version is not a story that even monsters can be
people, rather a story that people can be monsters.
Because The Yellow Demon is(or was) a man.

Monters believe that they get eternity life when they eat meat
of alive virtuous priest in new-moon night.

The child of The Yellow Demon is a boy, not a girl.

The Yellow Demon tell his wife the follows ,when she blame him
for his lack of humanity.
I am not a man. I am a demon(monster).
As you know, I was a man exiled from the capital of China to
this frontier place for a slight crime.
When I was starving because I could't have any way of living,
I made my mind to work under a certain monster.
Until this, I made efforts to learn black masic for many years,
and I became a monster.
Now I want more power, want to bocome high standing monster and
want to rule this area. I will do anything to success.

The Yellow Damon gives Tripitaka in cave two bowls of food and
water to keep him alive until new-moon night.
Tripitaka tells the Yellow Damon as this.
You get eternal life, what is that to you?
If you go against the destiny that every living have going to
die, you will get retribution.
I accept my destiny. If you want to eat my meat, eat it !
But even if you can get eternal life, your wife and son will
die at some time because they are usual people.
You must go on living alone with souldering sorrow.

After the fight
Tripitaka sees Yellow Demon dying on the ground, and rushes to
him, saying "You can't die. I'll give medical treatment soon."
Yellow assures Tripitaka that it is too late to treat and I'll
die soon.And he says "This is retribution of that I went against
the destiny. What you said is rihgt."
He apologizes his wife for give suffering.
He wants to look at his son Swee-Toku, and his wife tell her
son to call " Father!", but his son refuses to accept that he
is his father.
The Yellow Demon accepts this as his failure and dies.
The screen blurs away and we see the human appearance of the
Yellow Demon. He returns a human, his natural appearance.
His son realizes that it is his father and she cries with his

And The nalation in this episode also, is different at all
between Japanese version and English version.

I'm interested why David Weir changed Japanese original
version like this (^^)

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