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Im watching Saiyuki now

October 29 2004 at 4:28 PM
Chris  (no login)

Hi, I live in Japan and Im watching Saiyuki on Sky Perfect TV channel 361 now.
Its fantastic !! Its the one where monkey, Pigsy and Sandy go to a village and find three demons who bond together to shoot flame (laser beams) at them. I can't believe that they sound the same in japanese as in English !!
I can understand about 90% of what they say....its strange because its very popular here but you can't buy it on DVD or Video.

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all 52 episodes will air

November 3 2004, 2:58 PM 

hi Chris,

I'm waching and recording them too.
I've ordered the complete boxset to amazon.co.uk in September but they don't dispach them yet.
and from Octorber, TV started to air. The end of November will be the end of the 1st season.
and already they've decided to air the 2nd season from this December! It includes 13 unseen episodes.

oh! I don't have to get the DVD boxset!
(but I want to make them my collection)

I guess the Japanese sound in this program is a little dificult for not japanese if he can speak Japanese.
because the story is in China and sometimes the actors act like Chinese people (Chinese monster?).

I can understand 100%. cause I'm Japanese...

below are the link of the program but contents are all in Japanese.
the station is "Family Gekijou".

>information of the air


>title list (Jap and Eng compared)

enjoy monkey!

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Screening schedule for December?

November 29 2004, 6:15 PM 


I've included info about the rerun on my page:
with a link to the November screening schedule.

Can anyone tell me what the URL would be for the December screening schedule of Monkey on Japan cable TV?


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Re: Screening schedule for December?

December 3 2004, 5:23 PM 


> Screening schedule for December?

oh! i'm sorry.
they've changed the shedule for Monkey.
it'll be on Jan.

in the mid of that page there's an information about it.
(Japanese only)

it says,
"rush of riquests! 2nd season!"
having 2 new actor Tonpei Hidari(pigsy) and Shunji Fujimura(horse), great jurney begins again!

now there's no table for Jan.

if i get new information, i'll come here again.

enjoy monkey!

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Monky! 2 time table (Japan)

December 23 2004, 5:14 AM 

hi there,

here's new information for all.

the catv's timetable has refreshed for next month.

«time table (Family Channel, PDF)

from 6th Jan. every Thrthday midnight.
(Sunday and Monday for replay)

i've orderd dvd box on amazon.co.uk in September.
but still i can't get them.
yesterday i've got a message from amazon like that.
"Dear Customer,
We are sorry to report that the following item has been delayed.
"Monkey! - The Complete Series"
Our current estimate is that it will take an additional 1-2 weeks to
obtain this item for you."

i'm so sad but I will record every stories on DVD from catv...

enjoy monkey!

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