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Reaction to Monique's FAT Challenge Contest

August 7 2005 at 12:02 AM
Chunda Longino 

Response to (NYC) Attends MoNique's Casting Call

I was so diappointed with the results of Monique's FAT Challenge contest. There you were for the whole world to see, particularly Black America, and you had the most beautiful "black woman" anyone could ever imagine right before our very eyes!!! A 44 year old bald, beauty with so much poise and grace, and confidence. The kind of woman we hope MOST of our young black women will grow to be, and you blew it. TOTALLY BLEW IT!!! The young lady that was picked (mainly I feel because she was younger) was no exception to any beauty rule. No offense, but she is the typical FAT "average cutie" you can find by the thousands on any high school or college campus, or typical urban neighborhood. In many ways, the results turned out to be the typical "Miss America" beauty contest. Where the real beauties are always overlooked, simply for the typical American Ideal, if you can get what I mean. Yes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but if you seriously payed close attention to the first judge (seated) results and compared them to Shaq's; you can see how things really got out of the scheme of things. The other judges were kind of here and there (which seems to mean they judged things by what they SAW at the given moment), with the third judge basically scoring everyone relatively high. Problem with the first judges' score is that his' "can not be overlooked for cultural bias". He felt, saw, and judged like a "typical" Miss America judge would have. Now, I am not a total idiot, and I do understand that this was not a BLACK or WHITE "fat thing or contest." But how can you overlook the typical way women are chosen in beauty contests?!!! That young girl could not hold a candle to that 44 year old woman. And from Monique's constant persistance, we truly were expecting results for beauty inside and out. Maybe even inside first!! But when it came down to it, America still does the "typical" American thing, and picked someone that seemed to fit into the NORM OF AMERICA"S WAY OF DOING AND BEING. Young is not what makes one beautiful! CUTE is born everyday on every street corner in America, and Ameria has alot of cuties (born or self imposed). It is REAL BEAUTIFUL people we are missing. Come on folks, I thought we had finally caught on to something!!! The results of that contest was such a let down to the total ideal of it being put together, that I am actually up writing this long drawn out correspondence on the computer. I work with young "challenged" teens every day, and I wanted to be able to use (what I thought) was going to be the results of this contest as a constant lesson and reminder to our young female teens . . . beauty is true to form, and not categorized by typical "Amreican Ideals" like race, age, or status. A real beauty is one that is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. A real beauty has "depth" and experience in compassion, and does not come up with "typical responses" designed to impress only to win. The kind of stuff that is often used in cheap advertisement and promotion of false realities. "Just love me" was such a "media reflected" response, one that could have been sought out and rehearsed with any typical indivdidual. "Eat a chesse burger" meant to GET OVER IT. Stop starving yourself to death, eating in the closet, and finding ways to dispose of it later. Eat a cheeseberuger meant, don't judge me because I don't do Atkins or count calories, are try every "freaking" FAD diet that comes on the market, not necessarily to loose weight, but TO BE A "FIT" IN TYPICAL AMERICA!!! Basically it was just her way of saying . . . relax, and get a grip. Be okay with being yourself. As you notice, as a society in America we go from one extreme to another. All the media has to do is advertise something as popular, particularly something that ALL AMERICA IS DOING, and every "Want a Be Typical Amerian" will break their necks trying to FIT IN!!! WE ALL KNOW THIS IS TRUE! Look at sex and television. Our teens think it is the "in thing" to do because everyone on television is doing it. In the movies, in the videos, in the magazines, in the news. SEX SEX SEX. And herpes and aids and who knows what ever else is afflicting them and killing them by the millions. One kid wears his pants on his knees, all the kids wear their pants on their knees. Our children are afraid to be unique individuals, and show compassion and embrace true Christain convictions, because they have to be "hipped" in society first. All America does, is what all of our kids want to do. They MUST fit in at any cost. Even if it means having to respond . . . "Just love me," because that is what typical America thinks is the most appropriate answer. No you don't have to love me in every sense (like or accept what I am or do), and you can even give me your honest opinion on things, but if I decide to go another route, know that you have done your best to advise me. If the "me" is not harming anyone else, nor myself, then leave me alone and let me enjoy my CHEESEBURGER!!! And by the way, if I don't eat them every single day, I should fair pretty well. It is really not what you eat, but what you eat too often (too much) that will do you the most harm. We all need to be healthy, but we do understand and face the reality that not all thin folks are without health problems. We can eat the right things, and drink the right things, and exercise, and still have some disease invade our bodies at any given moment in our life span. Thin for most typical Americans (Mainly White Men) is just the most preferred thing, and since they are the majority, WE ARE STUCK WITH THAT SELF IMPOSED FACT. . . black and white, because we live in America. How does the ole saying go . . . "When in Rome do as the Romans do. That's why you get remarks like . . . "Just love me." I TRULY wish life was just that simple, I would have the perfect solution for our "vulnerable" youth. Can you imagine me telling a young person who has been in and out of the detention center ten times from the age of 10 - 17
to just tell society to "Just Love Me", and everything would be alright? PLEASE GET A GRIP ON REALITY!!!!

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