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May 31 2012 at 8:03 AM
M Gannon 
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Response to Moe Berg Death

I worked in Rausch's Confectioary Store on the corner of Roseville Ave and 7th Ave from 6th grade until my Junior year in High School. I worked for Cynthia and Harold Rausch. Cynthia would tell me about Moe and that he spoke many languages and was a spy during the war. She also told me he was a major league baseball player.
My role was to save the New York Telegraph Newspaper for him everyday plus some other papers. He might not show up to collect these papers for a month, but we dutifully saved them for him.
He was such a tall man and a huge prescence when he entered the store. He certainly didn't look or act like Casey Stengel. He would wear a long navy blue overcoat and a beret covering his somewhat curly black and silver hair.
His brother was a doctor with offices and a home on Roseville Avenue in Newark. Moe would stay with his brother until he disappeared and reappeared -no one ever knew when that would be. Whenever it was -His newspapers would be waiting.

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