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Verizon and St. Rose of Lima School

July 31 2004 at 10:41 AM
from IP address

Verizon & St. Rose of Lima School

We just negotiated an agreement with Verizon and their “Extra Credit for Schools Program” (“ECSP”). With the ECSP, Verizon donates 5% of your monthly long-distance spending to your chosen public or private school. Each quarter, a check is mailed based on dollars collected for your school.

Sign up, and all of your long distance, calling card, international and toll-free calls create additional funds to help the children and the school. And it’s simple, there’s no work for you and no extra cost.

Signing up is easy. If you already have a Verizon long distance calling plan, enrollment is as simple as calling 1-877-X-CREDIT. You’ll start earning funds for SRL right away. If you are not currently a Verizon long distance customer, call 1-877-X-CREDIT to enroll. Verizon will help you chose a plan that meets your needs and saves you money. They’ll also give you $5.00 toward the switching fee.

If you chose to sign up on the web, click here: www.verizonld.com/extracredit .

I signed up today. It took 2 minutes. Your participation will really make a difference to SRL and the kids.

Thank you.

Bob Davis, Jr.

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Jeff Schick

Re: Verizon

August 1 2004, 5:26 PM 

Sounds like an easy way to help the children of St. Rose's and it doesn't cost a penny.

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John C.

It's nice to have options

August 2 2004, 1:36 PM 

Alternatively, you could switch to IDT, which offers unlimited long distance as part of its $39.95 monthly charge, and send half your savings to St. Rose. Unless you spend more than $400 a month on long distance, this would amount to a much larger contribution.

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The Verizon Switch

August 2 2004, 8:07 PM 

Every little bit helps. Ed & I switched our long distance carrier to Verizon today. It is a terrific idea, Bob. A job well done, as usual!

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Pat Culligan Farrelly

Re: The Verizon Switch

August 4 2004, 5:07 PM 

What a great idea! The children of St. Rose will surely benefit from yet another wonderful way to raise funding.

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Jeff Schick

Re: Verizon

August 16 2004, 3:49 PM 

Hopefully, by this time,the folks at both websites have looked into this program and are signing up to help the cause.
After all, it doesn't cost anything and I am sure everyone wants to help.

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