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Anyone Interested?

March 13 2006 at 11:16 AM
from IP address

Fellow Rosevillians or ex-Rosevillians or however you call people who live or used to live in Roseville.

I'm going down to New York to watch the St Patrick parade on Friday. Is anyone interested in meeting at the Parade? If yes, we could met at the northwest corner of Fifth Ave and 50th Street between 11:45 and 12:30. St. Patrick Cathdral is around 5th ave and 55th st. on the east side of 5th Ave.
I"ll be wearing black leather jacket with a green shirt. A mild-mannered accountant I wear glass and am a couple of pounds overweigh but I do have a full head of wavy gray hair.

If anyone shows up we could swap stories and memories. If no one shows up I"ll be very sad and come to the conclusion that my memories about Newark St. Rose of Lima, and roaming the streets of Roseville are only a figment of John C, mine and your imagination. Hope to see you there. Any questions?


Gene Burke (60)


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Jim Egan

New York New York

March 13 2006, 3:47 PM 

Saint Patrick's is on the east side of 5TH Ave between 50th and 51st caddycorner from Rockefeller Plaza. If you get there at 12:30 you'll be closer to Park ave than fifth. They usually 16 deep in that area rain, snow

I will be passing by the Cathedral at 12:10 (noon) just
after the parade is on TV. Our group "The Irish Brigade"
Fighting 69TH minus Pat Obrien and Jimmy Cagney leads the
parade every year since it started. In fact the only
group allowed to line up on Fifth Ave, is the 69TH.
Everyone else in the parade comes out onto Fifth from the side streets.

This year our active unit is home. Last year they were in Iraq. I march with the veteran corp behind our active units. We file out of Mulligans on Lexington or Madison
and line up around 35Th or so. Stretch the legs to 84Th hang a right to Lexington. Find a bathroom!!!!

We then travel by special subway car down to our Armory.
Line up and tie up traffic down there. After Gov. Pataki
leaves, we party.

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March 14 2006, 11:13 AM 


Thanks for the info. I"ll try to get there early. About 11:00-11:30

I remember that Armory. In late 1968 or early 1969 I took the New York State veterans exam there.I could hear the shouting of parade watchers as there was a ticket tape parade for the astronauts. I think it was Borman and his crew; the first people to fly around the moon.

Speaking of the Irish does anyone know what happened the the Garrigans.

G-a-double r-i-g-a-n spells Garrigan. Proud of all the Irish blood that's in me. Noone can say a word agan me.

Alright the song is actually "Harrigan" but that's close enough.

There was Mr. Garrigan the custodian of St. Rose of Lima, Mrs Garrigan and the two sons John and my friend Eddie. I lost touch with them after the early 60s. Would anyone known about them? Mrs. Garrigan would always make a cup of tay for me and Mr. Garrigan had a great sense of humor. After we moved to Long Island he with his Irish brogue always asked me how the Long Island potatoes and Long Island ducks were doing.

Gene Burke (60)

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March 23 2014, 4:20 PM 

I just came across this blog. John & Kathleen Garrigan were my grandparents. My father was John and Eddie was my uncle. Both my father and uncle have passed in recent years. My father (John) died in 2011 and my uncle (Eddie) died in 2009.

This is a great site. I can recall many stories my Dad told me about Newark, St. Rose (1956) and OLV (1960). I welcome hearing from anyone that knew my family.

Best regards,

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