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What I would like to see again...

December 21 2006 at 4:52 AM
Dave Iwansky 
from IP address

I LOVE seeing these old photos. The building and streets are wonderful, but it's the people, the details and lifestyle that make me reminisce the most. When we lived on Myrtle Avenue, although we didn't really know it, we were pretty poor. We had a camera, but we used it infrequently. I guess it wasn't actually expensive, but you couldn't just go around clicking away like todays digitals.
If I got my Christmas wish, I think I'd go back to maybe 1958 and start taking pictures... Thousands of them! Just imagine! Make a list!

Me and my best friends playing stoop-ball.
The ticket booth at the Tivoli with kids lined up.
Me playing on the fire escape at Roseville Grammar School.
My mothers kitchen. The fridge, the table, even the garbage bag.
My bedroom and toys
Our furnace and coal bin
Pigtails alley full of motorcycles
Guys singing acapella on the corner.
The counter and stools at Ratner's.
My little hands full of shiny horse chestnuts

Anyone else???

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Peggie Russo

Re: What I would like to see again...

December 21 2006, 3:34 PM 

I would take pictures on the outside of our house. Before and after my father had the green and white siding put on it.
Many more pictures of my friends.
A picture of the inside of the Tivoli. What a beautiful place that was! The mirrors in the long hall, the velvet seats and curtains. They just don't make them like the Tivoli anymore.
Orange Street. All of the store fronts.
The Roseville Train Station. All of the beautiful wood they used to build it. My Mother and I would take the train up to my Grandfather's Tailor Store in Montclair.
The Cherry Blossoms in Branch Brook Park.
The MacAvoy Apartments the way they were in all their splendor.
The Apartment Buildings on Roseville Ave. and the one on the corner of 12th and 7th ave.
All of the big, beautiful homes on Roseville.
Janet Tasco's apartment on the 3rd floor of a house on Roseville Ave. It had alot of slanted ceilings. I love slanted ceilings!!

And so much more......

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Joe Reardon

Re: What I would like to see again...

December 23 2006, 1:27 PM 

What I would like to see again is all the guys from 3rd, 4th and 5th street between Park Ave and Orange street. The Oconnors Billy and Bobby, Edie Purcell his brother Pat. All the Shaws Louie Portella vinny Begley Al Matia
and all the other guys who hung out at the tennis courts. I whish we had pictures of fourth street between 6th and 7th ave where I LIVED--- the trees use to meet in the middle of the street like some giant canopy. It was such a great time and the people were so different there was so much trust and loyalty. Where has all that true friendship gone?

Merry Christmas to all

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Carol McDowall Cardone

Re: What I would like to see again...

December 23 2006, 4:09 PM 

Like Dave, I've been wondering what it would be like to back for awhile. Our address was Wst Mkt ST., But we always played on Myrtle Avenue.
For our parents, that time was a little bleak, but I was the youngest, so I didn't realize it.
What I would like to see/live again is:
The excitement of Christmas Eve,wondering how Santa delivers presents in a big apartment bldg., ice cream sundays in Grunings after 12:00 Mass with my mom and sister, eating over at the Walsh's, playing outside with all the neighborhood kids in summer, getting our first television,(wow!), Tivoli movie packed with kids on a Saturday afternoon, (movie and candy for 35 cents), cops on horseback giving city kids a chance to sit on top of a horse, going down to Branch Brook Park with my family for some play time, (no food allowed at the time), kind neighbors who watched out for us. Just a few of the good memories. And now back to reality.

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January 8 2007, 1:39 PM 


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What about stoop ball?

January 8 2007, 8:35 PM 

Or stickball. Stoop ball was my favorite, 'cause most of the time we didn't have a decent stick to use. The best stick would be a broomstick with electricians tape wound around it, but I had neither. There were ample stoops to be found though.
I liked playing stickball with a group at the Roseville playground because the house next door had plywood in the basement windows, which made a perfect home plate.

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