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Long File Name Lib

March 22 2003 at 9:19 PM
BinaryMayhem  (no login)

Response to ProgramList BinaryMayhem

This is the code for using long file names in your program. you will find this most usefull! Dont run the demo, unless you are using win95/98 (it tries to make a folder on C:\windows\desktop)

                 Long File Name Lib 1.0 for QuickBasic
        Copyright (c) 2000 by John C Rude - All Rights Reserved

        '| Author: John Rude                               |
        '| Date Created: 8-14-00                           |
     '| File Name: LNGFILLB.BAS                         |
     '| Long File Lib 1.0                               |
     '| Any questions or comments are welcome.          |
     '| rudesj@yahoo.com                                |

 I. The Purpose
      The Purpose of creating this library is to make it easier to
    access and create files with long filenames.  I hope in making
    this library makes QuickBasic more productive and more powerful.
    I these routines useful!

 II. System requirements
     A. Minimal
         1. windows 95++
         2. DOS 5.0++
     B. Recomended
         1. Windows 98++
         2. DOS 7.0++

 III. The Functions.
     A. MKLDIR (DirName$) - Creates a DIR, it can be long or short.
     B. RMLDIR (DirName$) - Removes a DIR, this also may be long or short
     C. CHLDIR (DirName$) - Changes DIR's, accepts long file names
     D. MKLDIR (DirName$) - Makes a DIR, accepts long or short file names
     E. DELLFL (FileName$)- Deletes a file, long or short
    *F. GTCDIR (Driv)     - returns the current drive
     G. RENLFL (OldFileName$,NewFileName$)
                 - Renames or Moves a file, long or short
     H. SHRTFN (LongFileName$)
                          - Convert a long file to a short one.

    * = If the Disk is not ready the program may crash. To avoid this
        read from sector 1, head 1, cylinder 1 of the current disk.
        if no data is read then do not preform this operation!    

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 Long File Name Lib 1.0.txt Mar 23, 2003
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