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ProgramList mennonite

June 27 2005 at 2:55 AM
mennonite  (no login)

Hiya. Of course, I go by "mennonite" on the forum, and no, I'm not a Mennonite. I don't belong to a religion or political party. The handle is meant to be ironic.

I found the forum not too long ago and love being here. It's definitely better than television. I've been writing stuff in QuickBasic as a hobby since before DOS 5, And in Microsoft BASICA for nearly 20 years. I still love DOS. Strictly a hobbyist as far as programming goes, I like to do whatever I can with BASIC, and whatever I can't do, I try to let lightweight freeware do.

I've tried my hand at C, worked with the Visual Basic and Envelope tutorials, almost learned Fourth, installed several distros of Linux (much to my pleasure and frustration) and generally can't stand Windows, among other things. I'm also, it's easy to tell, extremely opinionated and have a big mouth. Sometimes I try to avoid it.

But I don't tend to hold grudges, and I appreciate other people who don't. My favorite thing to do, actually, is help people out- especially people that are new to programming, because I want them to enjoy it as much as I have.

I also make a lot of really terrible puns and subculture references that some people don't get and some people get and wish they didn't.

My first computer was one of those oversized keyboards with attachments for a cassette deck and a television. no, it wasn't a Commodore. If it had been a C64, I'd probably be one of those weird people that still use C64's and try to surf online with them. Commodores are awesome, I admire the people that still cling to them. I like old stuff too. My second machine ran MS-Dos 3.3. Actually, I like old stuff the best; I mean, the new stuff annoys me. Well, not all the new stuff. Freebasic is wonderful. There's more than enough room for new software, but I hate it when it's bloaty and designed mostly for the mouse and not the keyboard.

Professionally, (if you can call it that) I repair computers from my home, but I try very hard not to. I'd rather be doing almost anything else for a living, although I really can't complain. I live a life that's as simple as I can make it, if you'd never know... I do everything "the hard way," is what I'm told. I've also tried not to be wordy before, but I have trouble putting my thoughts into a form that gets to the point. I think I'll just stop now :) although I think I only put this here because someone thought I was an old forum regular... If I write that much I'm "Proud Of", I'll probably put it on my website. Maybe I'll put it here, too. I dunno, i put all sorts of stuff on the forum. Right now my pet project is a QBasic tutorial. My QBasic to FreeBasic tutorial was a spinoff of the project, I just happened to finish it first.


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